Almost Worth a Visit to the Doctor

Yesterday, my day started at 3:30am.  I made the mistake of asking Ralph when he got up to use the little boys room, if he knew where the Christmas cards were.  He got all crazy and started to rummage and got generally grumpy.  Fortunately, he went back to bed. The good news is that I found the Christmas cards!  Won’t tell you where, but if you’ve ever been in the process of packing up to move, in a house already packed with too many things (no one is allowed to make book comments here…) and at Christmas time…you’d understand.  But since he was back in bed (one flat surface where I could have worked on cards) and it was WAY too cold on the porch (where my computer desk is) to stay for an extended period of time, I chose what space was available on the kitchen counter.

This might help you understand what I mean by a lack of space.  The cold porch explains why I will have relatively short posts to start with ( until I can find the space heater in the basement and bring it to the porch.) The lack of space explains why I may not have a lot of recipe, cooking, beautiful array of ingredients photos until we move to New Mexico or it’s warm enough for me to do it on the back step!  Nevertheless with a cup of Republic of Tea ginger peach tea (one of my favorites and purchased a for half price (don’t tell Ralph) at the Vitamin Shoppe and a wonderful winter pine candle I got at Shoprite last week, I set to work on the cards.  I started with the envelopes because they’re pretty mindless, no lovely little sentiments, just following the list.  I got probably 3/4 completed when I realized it was time for us to get ready for a doctor’s appointment. We got up,  ready and on our way. 

This was our first trip to this doctor so even with directions in hand, it was an adventure finding the office.  As we drove we realized that we were going to pass one of our favorite diners, The Meadows Diner in Blackwood, NJ.  We decided that would be our lunch stop after and already, in spite of the fact that I still had to see a new doctor, I was excited.  This place has something I love.  So while talking to the doctor, being examined and then being with Ralph for his exam, all I could think about was the Athena Burger.

From the first time we stopped at the Meadows, also after an appointment with a different doctor, no doctor comments here please, this is all I’ve ever had there.  It is a Greek salad on a large platter with a burger (no bun.) Funny thing is the title of the section in the menu is Weight Watchers…you’re not allowed to use that without permission ( I know that from my 15 years of working for them) but I don’t care.  This is wonderful!  First time there I had noticed it on the menu and the fact that they also had a veggie burger listed.  I asked if I could replace the meaty burger with the veggie burger and the rest is history!  I’ve kept you in suspense long enough,  here it is, drumroll please…

Oh, wonderful deliciousness…the scrumptious Greek salad

Oh, joy of a veggie lovers life…the very best veggie burger I’ve ever had…

Oops!  All Gone!

Now, Ralph is still getting used to this picture-taking thing and I’m not sure he realizes yet what it’s for and he really felt silly when I took a picture of the empty plate…

…but he humors me.

I’ve jokingly told him and the waitresses that I’m never ordering anything but this when I come there. I told the waitress that yesterday and Ralph said he didn’t believe that.  I told him, the only way I’d order something else would be if he brought me there for breakfast but the promised to bring me back for lunch the same day!  He doesn’t always believe me at first, but he usually finds out later that I mean what I say.  Go there, it’s that good… and for my WW friends…it’s definitely worth the points!

One response to “Almost Worth a Visit to the Doctor

  1. so, the second installment and I’m still loving it! As the Barefoot Contessa would say…what’s not to like?!

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