The Last…

This time of year can be sad for too many reasons and I may get into that at some point, but for now two quick things.  I had the chance to see a video of Larry King’s farewell from last night.  I had seen part of the show last night, but fell asleep.  Today, I saw the end  of it on-line.  It was very moving, with his wife and kids there.  He’s always been an interesting interviewer.  He has earned his retirement.

The other last was the last show of Philadelphia radio talk show host Michael Smerconish.  Actually, it was only his last morning show, he’ll be moving to afternoons, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to listen to it.  I liked the fact that a lot of it was dedicated to Christmas music, ending with Michael’s choice for the best Christmas song ever, Nat King Cole’s version of Mel Torme’s The Christmas Song.  I haven’t always agreed with Michael in recent years, but I have no argument with that choice.  I used to listen to him every morning on my long commute before I came under the spell of audio books. I wish him good luck in his new afternoon slot and I will look forward to hearing more from him. 

I’m trying so hard to give myself a routine. I never had any problems getting in my daily water or my meals for that matter.  Not so easy now.  I think that after the holidays I’ll have a better chance to work on that, but in the meantime I’ll do my best. 

Having already mentioned the general disaster that exists in our house, I’m having a hard time finding ways to take photos when I do have something I’d like to show.  At lunchtime yesterday, Ralph asked me to stop at Wa Wa to get him   the”Gobbler.”  I think this may be one of the few things he’ll miss when we leave New Jersey.  It’s advertised as Thanksgiving dinner on a roll and it is.  Turkey, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce. All that’s missing is the green bean casserole.  He loves it and gets it as often as possible during the holidays because that’s only when it’s available.  He was VERY happy.  In an effort to stay on track,  I used one of my old standbys: salad with veggie burgers.  I love this and it’s very filling which is a plus.   I used your basic romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes and carrots.  My veggie burger of choice was the Morningstar Farms Tomato Basil Pizza Burger.  Three points each for you WW folks out there.  My dressing was an odd thing that I did but I enjoy. I had two half bottles of dressings, FF French and FF Italian.  Mix them together, shake them up and it’s really quite yummy.  It looked lovely and delicious (which it ended up being) but where the heck do I take the photo?  Ok, since I’ve heard that Necessity is the Mother of Invention (or was that Frank Zappa??), I came up with this, can you guess what I used?

Ok, I’ll end the suspense, it was a sweater.  It would have been better for Autumn, but hey, I think it works.  Lunch was delicious and didnt’ come from Wa Wa!

On the way to get Ralph’s lunch, I remembered something that I wanted to do.  As unusual as this sounds, our local library was selling honey.  I had seen this when I returned the last of my audio books 😦 a few weeks ago.  It’s from a local farm and comes in a variety of flavors orange, blueberry, cinnamon and this little beauty…


According to my friend at the library, they are all amazed at how popular it’s been, people even coming back and buying it for Christmas presents!  My jar was sixteen ounces but they had others that were larger.  I haven’t opened it to try it yet, but I can’t wait to give it a try. It helps to make some money for the library too which is great.  They need all that they can get right now.  I may go back to get a jar of the cinnamon.  Of course, while I’m there for honey, I’ll have to look at the used books they have for sale.  It’s not my fault, they keep jumping in front of me, and after all they help support the library (how’s that sound for an excuse?!?! 🙂 )

2 responses to “The Last…

  1. I knew that was your sweater! I’m so observant. It did look good. I could be a vegetarian if I had to be. But once in a while I neeeeeeed that cheeseburger and my ham and cheese and my steak and my chicken. Don’t hate me because I’m a semi-meatasaurous. I redeem myself with my mac and cheese, don’t I?

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