I feel like a slug…

I have so much to do and no enthusiasm to do it.  I’m annoyed with myself for that and for how I finished the day yesterday.  I started out with a good WW meeting, wishing everyone Happy Holidays since we won’t see each other for 2 weeks because the Holidays fall on Saturday.  My friends Gail and Alice and I had our usual Saturday after WW breakfast at a great little place called Helen’s (no photos, because G & A would think I’m crazy!) Sadly, yesterday was our last breakfast there because it’s been bought by another restaurant and will be closed for 3 months.  We have to find a new breakfast spot.  We’re doing the research. 

After doing a few things around the house Ralph suggested lunch.  Ralph loves Chinese, but I usually say no because he suggests it on Friday night and that’s not a good choice before weigh in on Saturday morning.  But…Saturday afternoon (after weigh in) is great!  So we headed to the China House.  I tend to be very boring when I eat out and I picked my usual, Vegetable Delight with brown rice.  It’s one of the lunch specials which is great because it’s a smaller portion.  We started with Egg Drop Soup, but no photo.

Veggies and Tofu…yum. 

I really like the Veg Delight here because they use the dark sauce unlike some places where the use the light sauce.   The dark is more flavorful.  I enjoyed it and Ralph enjoyed his Chicken with Cashews.  Of course he drew a picture for the waitress as he always does.  I think he called this one, Santa’s Sushi Elf.  You can only imagine!

Later when we got home we could hear the fire sirens.  This time of year that can only mean one thing… Santa’s on his way!  It’s a fun thing that our town started some years back.  Usually the weekend before Christmas, the fire department escorts Santa all over town handing out candy canes.

Here he comes…

…and here he is!!!

It’s so much fun and makes me feel like a little kid again.  One year when I was really in a festive mood and had actually made Christmas cookies, I took some out to Santa and his elves.  Great fun!

But now for the downer of the evening.  Remember that candy from a few days ago…

…well it is no more.  That happens sometimes and my theory about it is, I’m going to eat it, the sooner I eat it, the sooner I can start over!  So I’m starting over today and hopefully, no candy or cookies or anything that shouldn’t jump in front of me, won’t sabotage me today.  I have high hopes for a better day all around!

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