Confession is good for the soul

I have to be honest about this.  I’ve been so excited and truly into the whole idea of the new Weight Watchers program…Ralph even commented that I was sitting there studying the book.  It true…I was…I am… but I’m out of control!  The fact that Christmas and New Year’s Day both fall on Saturday-my usual WW day didn’t initially bother me.  I figured I might try to get to a another meeting during those two weeks.  I didn’t think that I would need to make it mandatory!  I was very scattered and not making good choices over the weekend.  Monday, I got back on track and Tuesday was pretty good until Tuesday night.  I’m blaming it on “Glee.”  After eating my dinner, do I remember what?  No, I don’t…a sure sign that there’s a problem.  I remembered there was cream cheese in the frig and Ritz crackers in the cabinet.  I won’t say how many I ate, but enough to be ashamed. 

My plan was to go to the Wednesday night 5pm WW meeting where my leader Mary Lou is.  Then during the day I started telling myself, “well, you could wait until next week, catch up then…you don’t really need to weigh in, you’re Lifetime…at goal…why add in that extra time.”  Well I’m glad I did.  It really did help.  It didn’t actually help me last night.  Knowing I was (maybe) going to the meeting, I hadn’t eaten much. Just some yummy oatmeal. I knew there’d be a difference in my weight because I usually weigh in at a morning class.  I had gotten Ralph lunch at Subway and got myself a veggie sub to eat after the meeting.  I had a small gain but that was understandable because of the day versus night thing.  Well I came home, ate my veggie sub and then EVERYTHING else I could get my hands on. 

So I’m up now, I’m drinking my coffee, I’ll be making breakfast soon and I WILL be on track and in control.  Hey, at least I rode my exercise bike for 30 minutes…I get credit for that, don’t I?!? 

I’ve got to be in control…tomorrow is a marathon of food.  I think it will probably take 3 posts to get it all in!  I have to figure out how to photograph breakfast without Gail & Alice thinking I’m crazy…I’ll have Ralph create a diversion!!  Here’s to a better day!

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