Catch-up and a Cup of Coffee

There’s no real reason why I haven’t posted over the last few days except that I still seem to be wearing my Slug Suit and haven’t gotten around to posting, but our last few days have been terrific.  So terrific in fact that I even forgot to take photos at some points, so my great powers of description will have to suffice!

Christmas Eve morning started as it has for the past few years, having breakfast with my two best friends, Gail and Alice.

All dressed up in their Christmas finery!

We were there too!

We were very disappointed because our favorite little restaurant where we usually have breakfast, closed last week, taken over by new owners and we don’t even know yet if it will reopen for breakfast.  Our alternate choice was the Gateway Diner in Westville.  We hadn’t liked it in previous visits, but Ralph and I were there about a month ago to meet his cousin from Illinois and we thought it was much better than we remembered.  So we took the plunge.  Everyone was pretty happy with their meals, Alice even said the potatoes were so good that she was going to eat them all even though she shouldn’t!  Mine was terrific!  It was called a Greek omelette.  It had spinach, tomato, onion and Feta cheese.

…and it was all dressed up in Holiday colors!  I really enjoyed it!  Their prices for breakfast were also good when compared to some other local diners.  This may be our new breakfast spot!

Around 5pm we met up with Ralph’s son Bill, his two sons Alex and Patrick and their Mom, Heather.  This was at a different diner, the Seven Star which used to be the Five Points Diner which actually played an interesting part in Ralph and me getting together, but that’s a story for another day!  We always have a wonderful time with Bill and the boys and this was no exception.  I’m very disappointed in myself for not taking photos.  The diner’s menu has changed with the new management and there are more vegetarian friendly choices.  I had Penne Arrabiata.  It’s basically a spicy marinara sauce and it was really yummy.  I was very happy with it.  It was too much for me at the time because I knew I had more snacking to do at Ele’s house later so I still have some in the frig to enjoy later today…maybe I should take a picture of that! It was good!

After that, we headed to Ele’s house for snacks and presents…always a fun time.  Again, I don’t know where my brain was, because I do know where my camera was… right in my purse!  No photos, but we had a great time.  I was actually pretty much under control there, I didn’t over eat by my standards.  Earlier in the afternoon, I had stopped by to take over my share of snacks and presents.  Ele was about to make scones.  Now, my sweet sister is FAMOUS for her scones, all of her baking really, and she’s been promising to teach me how to make scones, but I’ve never found the time.  She didn’t give me a chance to say no.  She just pointed at an apron, said “Put that on!” and the mixing began! Well, it was wonderful, not hard at all and as soon as I get the recipe, I’ll make some, post the photos and the recipe!  Ralph is so excited, he’s been eating them hand over fist, to use one of my Grandmother’s sayings.  He’s got two left for breakfast and then they’ll be gone!

Christmas Day started with Ele, Jim ( our dear friend from D.C), Ralph and me going to Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast because that was the only place open!  Again, not sure why I didn’t take a photo of my food, but I didn’t. I had a flatbread, egg white veggie omelette sandwich.  It was very good!  A little spicy, but I like that.  I need to look up on their website the nutritional value so I can figure the points.  I may not want to know!  I had my seasonal favorite, gingerbread latte…yum…

Here are the happy Christmas elves…

Jim, Ralph and the DD Snowman!

Ele and Me!!

Ralph and I headed back home after breakfast to rest up.  He napped while I looked through a wonderful new vegetarian cookbook I received for Christmas from my sweet niece, Lisa.  Lots of good recipes which I will be working on and sharing.  Of course we were watching the marathon of The Christmas Story alternating with the marathon of Bill Murray’s Scrooged.  Both of these are Ralph’s favorites and it was a hard choice between them.

Finally around 2:30pm, we headed off to our own reenactment of the Chinese dinner in The Christmas Story.  For the last few years we go every Christmas to a wonderful restaurant called Sakana Oriental in Woodbury. 

I started with something I’d never tried before, Hot and Sour (vegetarian) soup. 

It lived up to its name, but it was very enjoyable!

My entrée was Chinese Eggplant in Garlic Sauce.  I’ve had it before and I love it!  I get it with brown rice and it’s delicious!

Dinner was topped off with Ginger Ice Cream…we’ve never found this at another Chinese restaurant, but Ele and I always get it here…

The most fun at a Chinese restaurant is always the Fortune Cookie…

Mine said…”Guard yourself against evil temptation.”  Is my WW leader working in that kitchen?!?  Anyway, it was a wonderful dinner, a wonderful day and I’ll end with a a wonderful piece of festive fun from Ele’s plate…

We should have named this little cutie…we didn’t…maybe it should have been named for my WW leader, since I always feel she’s watching over me…in a good way, so everyone meet Mary Lou!  Merry Christmas!!

2 responses to “Catch-up and a Cup of Coffee

  1. a better Christmas was never had! Thanks, Fran! And, I feel that you will be a great scone maker, your first try was awesome!

  2. Oh, everything looks delicious. For a hot second, I considered making that fortune photo my background! Hello, Mary Lou. Thanks for passing by on Christmas. In the middle of my out of control eating (mine for real, not yours)!

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