Sunday Morning Wake Up

It’s so nice to wake up to a beautiful sky…

I braved the cold to take this photo~

~and this one…

~and this one…

Almost, but not quite as nice as the New Mexico sunrises. Beautiful, but it’s DARNED cold out there again.  Comcast tells me it’s 19 degrees which is up from yesterday’s 16. (We’re having a heat wave…)  I had planned to go grocery shopping, but I just don’t feel like going out in it just yet.

In the continuing saga of the ancient beans…they’re in the crock pot

and waiting for the magic to happen.  I should probably spend my day scouring cookbooks to find navy bean recipes…this is going to be a LOT of beans.  The pot is fuller than it was with a whole bag of black beans…not sure if I’ll be able to finish these babies in a week.  It’s going to take dedication!

I have to get going on making a salad from all of that wonderful produce I got yesterday…

We’re going to dinner at Ele’s today, our good friends Ginny, John and Stephanie are coming and as usual, the vegetarian gets to bring the salad!  I actually love getting asked to bring a salad, especially to Ele’s house…she always sends me home with the leftovers so I end up with pre-made salad for the week.  That’s good, it’ll give me someplace to put all of those beans!! 😉

5 responses to “Sunday Morning Wake Up

  1. You are always asked to bring a salad NOT because you are a vegetarian but because you make great salads! You chop up all that stuff into tiny , bite sized bits so that your poor old sister with no teeth in the back doesn’t look so much like a squirrel when she has to chew it with her front teeth! Everybody should do what they do best and you do salad the best!

  2. I know I’ve heard something about beans and expiration limits… Maybe that they never quite get soft enough if they’re way too old? I can’t remember. Hope they turn out for you!!

    And maybe vegetarians make the best salads. 😉 I see this as a t-shirt in my head. Hahaha.

    • I love it! Ralph could do a cartoon for the t-shirt…we could sell it on BCDC!! Yikes, I’m getting carried away…I still need to know how to do about a hundred things on here! We need a work date when you’re feeling better…hope you are!

  3. I want the first T-Shirt!!!

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