Soup’s On!

It feels like it took me forever, but I finally got my bean soup made.  I’m happy to say it was worth the wait!

I started with the usual suspects-onion, carrots and celery…

They cooked up for a while and started to look like this…

It cooked for a while longer and looked like this…

I’m not very specific when I’m making soup unless I’m working from a recipe.  This time I pretty much made it up as I went along.  Included in the cast of characters:




Vegetable broth (1 quart plus 1 14 1/2 oz can-plus water)


Cooked Navy Beans -you remember them!! 😉


Chili Powder

Cayenne Pepper


I had the opportunity to experiment with the seasonings because I’ll be eating all of this since Ralph is still working on the turkey soup (you remember the turkey soup!!) I probably started with about a teaspoon each of the Chili powder, cayenne and cumin and then added more to taste.  It all depends on how much you like.  I like a lot so I kept adding. 🙂

The pot looked like this after all the cooking…

Those beans didn’t want to have their photo taken so I had to get some assistance from the spoon…

It smelled SO good and I had a hard time waiting until supper time to actually eat it.  When I finally did I had a REALLY big bowl and smothered it with the ever popular “stinky feet” cheese, Locatelli Parmesan cheese…


It was soooooo  good, I can’t wait to eat it again tomorrow!

Even if we have another snow storm, I’m set.  Getting this soup made has been a project, but fortunately it was worth the wait…that’s not always true with all of my recipes, but today, I won the prize…I AM the Queen of Beans! 😉

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