Rather Lazy Saturday

I got to my Weight Watchers meeting to find out good news…I lost 2 pounds! 🙂 I did try hard all week and I truly think that the extra exercise at night made a big difference.  I spoke with my friend Kristen and she told me she was going to my sister Ele’s house to learn to make scones…I decided to crash the party!

Kristen had been taking photos of the step by step process.

But then Ele made her dig right in there and actually get her hands dirty, so I took over the camera duties…

Mmmmm….scones with chocolate chips…

Almost there…

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the finished product…Kristen had taken over by then but you can check her blog for the full story! Ele had taught me to make the scones during the holidays and I’m going to give them a try soon, so I’ll be sharing the recipe then.

Kristen and I shared one and it was delicious! Good Job, Kristen!  We hung out for a few more hours, then I went home to accomplish something for the day, but that just didn’t happen…the slug has returned.

We had planned to come back to Ele’s house in the evening, Patrick and Carrie our nephew and niece were coming to visit.  Ele had said we’d be ordering pizza and I have not had pizza in SO long, I had been thinking about it for days.  I think it may have been one of the reasons I stayed on track this week…I knew there was pizza in my future! 🙂

You know how sometimes you wait and look forward to something and it’s not as good as you expected?  Well, fortunately that did not happen this time.  We ordered from Picasso’s in National Park.  I had never had pizza from there and it was terrific!

They have lots of choices for toppings, but we just got one pepperoni for the meaty folks and a plain one.

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to take a picture, I had to take a taste first!

I must confess that I ate 3 pieces there and then one more later that Ele had sent home with us.  It was SO good! 

I need to get the day started.  I just got a text from Ele, she wants me to go to Barnes & Noble with her…she’s always annoying me to do that, I don’t know why she’d think I’d want to go there!  😉 That’s a lame joke between us…if I ask her to go to B&N, she complains….if she asks me, I complain.  It’s fun…well, WE think it’s fun! 😉

Boy, B&N and the Screen Actors Guild Awards tonight…big day for me.  We’ll see what other fun I can squeeze in!

9 responses to “Rather Lazy Saturday

  1. OK – this has to be an activity for one of our visits – I have never learned to make scones. Sounds like it needs to be a plan.

  2. Any time you want to learn, Ginny, I am ready to teach. When you see how easy it is you will wonder why you waited so long to try. Fran and I also intend to try some savory varieties. I usually make mine with dried cranberries (orange or lemon infused if I can get them). Since I make them for me, I make them the way I like them! The girls at work like them with cranberries, dried blueberries and my boss, Vikki, whined enough that I made them with chocolate chips (like Kristen did yesterday). I really want to try them with sundried tomatoes and herbs or cheese to have with soup. Just let me know and we will make a date!

  3. Congrats on the loss! And glad the pizza was as good as expected. 🙂

    • Thanks, Tina…I keep trying. Being a lifetime member at WW I only have to pay if I’m more than 2 pds over my goal. I get really frustrated when I have to pay. When I got back to goal last spring I tallied up what I had paid while over goal. I wrote it on the front of my WW book in big black letters as a reminder! It helps. Looks like you’re doing well too!

  4. Oh, my! I’m letting your links down because I haven’t posted my part of the scones process!!! Hahaha. I will catch up soon, I promise. Such a fun, laid back weekend. 🙂

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