She Did What She Said

I started Sunday morning with getting breakfast for Ralph and myself.  He got a regular breakfast sandwich that he loves.  I decided to try something different and to save some Points on breakfast since I didn’t know what the day held in terms of food.

I made myself a breakfast wrap.

I started by sauteing some red bell peppers.

Actually, I got distracted from my mission and they ended up being like roasted peppers with the black charring on them.  Made them tasty!

I added 2 eggs, ground black pepper and Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime seasoning, one of my favorites.

I put it on an Ole Tomato Basil tortilla wrap.

After a big bite…

Very Good!  Not that hard either so I’ll do it again and it was very filling!

Being a woman of my word, or at least trying to be… 😉 I got to work on my stated project from yesterday morning.  I went through the fridge removing all of the jars stuck WAY in the back that I knew were there and also knew they were turning into science experiments.  I won’t show you the disgusting bits, but here is the evidence after washing…

Yikes!  I’m going to use most of the jars to store things that I’ve been storing in plastic containers, chia seeds, flax seeds etc.  When we get to New Mexico, I’ll probably be using my antique Mason jars, but for now…this will do…and they’re FREE!!  I still need to actually clean the fridge and rearrange what’s in there so that I can actually find things.  That’s today’s project.

I had a head of steam going so I decided to tackle the cabinet that holds my spices and apparently a lot of other things that I didn’t realize were in there.  Past date things went out…how many bottles of Tamari does a girl need, especially when it looks like tar in the bottle!  This is what my sink looked like after all of the dumping…

All the bottles and old spice jars went to the recycling and the plastic containers got cleaned up.

This is what the cabinet looked like after…

It made me feel so good to have accomplished this!

When I was finished, Ralph suggested we go to Picasso’s for lunch/dinner.  We called my sister Ele and asked her to go with us.

I was hungry, but didn’t want anything too heavy, still trying to stay on track.  What did I decide on…a blast from the past that I didn’t realize they made there…Pepper and Egg sandwiches.! 🙂 When we were young and we’d go to the beach, that’s what Mom would always pack for lunch.  Pepper and egg sandwiches with American cheese on white bread wrapped in tin foil.  By the time we got to eat them, they were totally soggy but they tasted as good as anything I’ve ever eaten.

This was good and plentiful…

I was impressed with how much pepper and eggs were in it.  I forgot to ask for the cheese, but I found Parmesan cheese and added it which helped.  I think that will be my go to sandwich there.  Ok, weird that I had basically the same thing for breakfast and dinner.  I didn’t even think about it until I started eating the sandwich.

After a stop at Ele’s to see a project she had been working on, we came home to relax.  I decided to watch the Grammy Awards…not a thrill and some of it annoyed me so much that it drove me into the arms of my Valentine candy that I had successfully avoided for several days.  The good thing is that it’s almost gone and it can’t hurt me much more.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day!!  I’m off to make Ralph a special breakfast treat.  Let’s see how it works out! 😉

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