Only Because We Love Him

We had to take a trip to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station last night.  Station as in train station.  Our good friend Jim was coming in from Washington, DC by Amtrak for a President’s Day weekend visit.  We love his visits, we love Jim…we didn’t love our drive… 😦 

We left my sister Ele’s house at 5:50 for what should have been approximately a 20 minute ride.  We got there at 7:20.  Fortunately, Jim’s train was running late.

We had been stuck in crazy traffic over the Ben Franklin Bridge and the Vine St. expressway.  Then we missed the turn off to the station and had to come back around (adding at least 15 minutes to our arrival time!)  We were all frazzled when we finally got there.  Ralph decided to have a Nathan’s hot dog wrapped in pretzel!!  I had nothing except for a taste of his lemonade which was very good. 

I occupied myself taking photos of the station which is a wonderful and beautiful building…

There was a beautiful full moon rising…it’s there among the columns outside the station and the skyscrapers…

On such a clear night, it was just dazzling.

We got safely back to Ele’s house where we had tea and the Angel Food Pineapple cake I had made in the afternoon.  Now that I’ve started baking, I can’t be stopped.  😉

I did not have a positive experience on the scale at Weight Watchers this morning.  I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I really don’t like when I have to pay.  This week I will be focusing and figuring out where I’m going wrong.  The mission given to us by our leader was to re-work our kitchens into a Weight Watchers friendly environment.  I started on that this week and I need to continue.  It’s a frustrating situation, but I have faith in WW and myself.  We’ve been a good team for over 23 years and we’ll get through this.  Now on to some fun and games with holiday weekend company.  There’s probably a trip to Barnes & Noble in our future.  Oh, no…not again! 😉

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