Happy Birthday, Uncle Jim!

We got to Ele’s house on Sunday afternoon for Jim’s birthday party and we were greeted by this guy…

It could only mean one thing…Little Michael was here for Uncle Jim’s birthday! You can’t see Spiderman’s hat very well, but it does in fact say “Happy Birthday, Uncle Jim!” and he’s wearing Michael’s sneakers…Very festive.

Ele, Jim and Michael chatting and snacking…

Stephanie, John and Ginny…chatting and snacking…

Jim, Michael and Ralph

The Birthday Boy!! 🙂

The Nemesis…

I was very apprehensive about this party.  After having a gain on Saturday at WW and having to pay, I wanted to be good.  I had a plan.  I knew I would be tempted by chips and dips, crackers and cheese.  I was truly proud of myself.  Ele also had carrots and celery which I snacked on with a little salsa. 

I had made a big salad which you can see in this shot…

I had 2 bowls of salad with Balsamic vinegar before the pizza got there.  I enjoyed it and was rather full.  Then I had to eat the pizza from Picasso’s.  We had ordered a white pizza with mushrooms, broccoli and black olives for the ladies.  It was delicious!  The good news for me was…I only ate one slice!  Very proud of myself for that.

Ele had made a homemade chocolate cake for Jim for his birthday (his request)

It also was delicious!  Thanks, Ele! I had a small piece and controlled myself although there were others who will not be named, who had seconds! 😉

I was proud of myself for being so in control.  I tried not to mention it to anyone. I don’t like to draw attention to what I’m doing because, then everyone is watching.  I can keep myself in line better if I keep it to myself.

When I came home, I had more salad with a veggie burger on top.  Just the right thing for a good snack.  I like it when I can prove to myself that I can do what I set out to do.  I had a plan and it worked out!  Let’s keep this going for a great week!!

3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Uncle Jim!

  1. That’s great, Fran! I’m happy that your plan worked out. I feel the same way about keeping it to myself. It seems like as soon as someone notices that I’m being healthy, they push harder and harder until I give in and eat whatever they’re pushing.

    You might need to rub a little off on me after my weekend in the Big Easy.

  2. I never push Fran to eat anything that she wouldn’t. I’m not even sure if I offered her cake /: 0 …did I? She was very, very good. She always is. I get very frustrated when I ask and she doesn’t have good news because she is very diiigent about her eating habits…I on the other hand… /: (

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