Train Stations of the Mind

President’s Day started out with Ele, Jim, Little Michael and me going to breakfast at the Hollywood Cafe in Woodbury Heights.  I’ve mentioned before Ralph’s and my on and off relationship with this diner.  This is two in a row good experiences.

Little Michael eating his Fruit Loops…very colorful!

I was happy with my choice of oatmeal with cinnamon (who would have guessed?)  Good coffee also! 🙂

Ralph (looking thrilled!) and Jim

Michael and Ele

Ele and Me…I’m getting better at these self photos!

After breakfast we took a side trip to one of our favorite dollar stores Dollar Tree in Brooklawn for a quick browse.  I didn’t buy anything.

Late afternoon found us on our way back to 3oth Street station in Philadelphia for Jim’s return train to Washington, DC.

We had coffee, lemonade and snacks.  I just had coffee.

The whole gang before Uncle Jim got in line for his train.

Thank goodness the trip this time was so much less stressful than it had been on Friday night.  That’s why we had a chance to sit and relax while waiting for the train. 

It’s always sad to see Jim head home again, we have such a great time when he visits.

Now today, we have snow again!  It looks like about 3 inches, but I can see traffic moving easily as I look out my kitchen window.  I have a trip planned to get produce today, so I’d better get myself moving. 🙂 I hear neighbors outside scraping and snow blowing.  So off I go!

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