Wednesday is Bean Day

Since I started BCDC, I’ve been trying to share recipes that I love which have come through the family.  This one was misplaced due to a misdirected clean up attempt. (No finger-pointing here!)  The recipe is for Barbecued Beans and is a family favorite.  I believe it was originally Ele’s recipe, but the copy I had of it had been written by my Mom which makes it special to me.  When you see it, you won’t think I consider it very special.

The copy actually looks worse than you can tell from the photo.  It’s well used, therefore well-loved and a bit tattered… 😦  It’s wrinkled from being splashed with water and there are obvious bean stains on it.  But its precious to me and if you try them, you’ll understand why.

The Recipe:

1 pound dried Navy beans

1/2 pound of bacon (I substitute 1/2 cup of fake bacon bits)

3 cups tomato juice

1 cup catsup

1 large onion chopped

1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar

1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce (I actually add 2 because I like the flavor)

2 teaspoons salt

Mix all ingredients.  (The recipe calls for cooking the beans on “auto-hi” for 12-24 hours!  I add that because I think it’s so funny. I actually had it on high for about 8-8 1/2 hours.  It will depend on your crock pot.  They all seem to work a little differently. You may also need to add a little extra tomato juice, again depending on how hot your crock pot cooks.)

Also, my suggestion is to not add the fake bacon until about an hour before it’s finished.  They sort of turn into mush if you put them in at the start and I like them to have a little texture.  When I was still working, it was always Ralph’s job to stir the beans throughout the day.  He was especially conscientious about the job of putting in the bacon bits.  He used to get a kick out of the fact that I called them “Ralph’s Beans.”


I have made this using canned beans in a pinch, but I think it tastes better starting with the dried beans and I like to do it the old-fashioned way.

I cook them for about 1 hour before putting them into the crock pot.

I like to serve it with hot dogs cut up.  This makes life easier for me because I can use veggie dogs while giving Ralph regular dogs.  I microwave them for about 1 minute before adding the beans.

Corn bread that turned out perfectly because it was a new box, never going to forget that lesson! 😉

To prove that…

When I opened the new brown sugar box, I put it in a zip lock bag, added the lid of the box to identify it and since it there was not a “best by” date on the box (shame, shame!) I wrote on the lid the date I opened it.  Yes!  I CAN LEARN!

And, yes, that is mustard on top of the beans!  I don’t know what possessed me to do that the first time, but I really like it that way, it adds another little shot of flavor! 😉  They were Delicious!!  It made me very happy.

Earlier in the day, I had made a quick trip to Verchio’s produce stand to stock up on fruits and veggies…

Topped off the evening by going to Barnes & Noble with Ele and Kristen to hear all about Kristen’s trip to New Orleans and to talk mantras, malas and meditation.

We always have such a good time together.  It was a great way to top off the day!


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