I Can See Clearly Now,Well Not Now, But Soon

As I have mentioned lately, I lack structure, I am disjointed, I NEED TO FOCUS!! I hate this and I keep trying to work my way through it. 

I am so out of it that I didn’t take a single photo of food yesterday, I didn’t even eat breakfast! 

I was actually well on track yesterday regarding food.  Even without breakfast I felt in control.  Lunch was a salad with romaine and tomatoes with House America Garlic & Pepper Tofu Steak.  This was my first time trying this tofu and it was terrific.  I can’t find many flavored tofus in my area, unless I drive 15 miles to Trader Joe’s. 😦  But I really enjoyed it!  I just looked up their website for the link and I’m going to need to explore that some more.  I may have options I didn’t know about!

Dinner was a salad again with romaine, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and 2 Morningstar Farms Tomato & Basil Pizza burgers which is one of my favorites.  I was very good after dinner and my only snack was 3 clementines.  We may have some success on Saturday morning!

Ok, back to structure and focus.  After my discussion with Ele and Kristen on Wednesday night, I had decided that getting back to my ongoing intention of meditating would be a good idea.

Ele had recently gotten this book

The book comes with a CD so that you can hear the mantra as well as see the written word.  We had also discussed making mala beads.  Ele had made her own and I decided I wanted to try to do it, too. I had preordered the book from Barnes and Noble and decided to stop at A.C. Moore before I picked up the book to see what they might have available in the way of appropriate beady material.  

I should have taken photos of my materials before I did my construction, but I’m just excited that I actually accomplished this…

My very own handmade mala beads!!  I’m very excited about this.  I haven’t done anything crafty in a long time.  The fact that I actually sat down and did it amazes me! 🙂  I’m not sure if you can see from the photos (again, I need to focus and THINK about the photos and what I want them to convey…) there are 2 little dragonflies attached to the end of the strings.  I love dragonflies, I’ve always felt connected to them for some reason and I thought they would be appropriate to finish off my mala beads.

Ralph came in while I was stringing the beads.  He asked what I was doing and I explained.  Before he asked me “why” I told him I was “feeling a little anxious” and did my best Beetlejuice imitation….

He got hysterical and told me he was glad I was doing something to make myself feel better.  He left the room laughing!  I can always win him over with humor!! 🙂

Now I have to get started…Om, Om on the Range…that will work when we get to New Mexico!! 😉

2 responses to “I Can See Clearly Now,Well Not Now, But Soon

  1. I so love your mala! I am jealous that mine is only plastic pony beads! But, if it works, it doesn’t matter what it’s made of. So when are you starting your practice? I’m really enjoying how mine is going. I actually am seeing a difference in things that are happening. Either way, it’s a very peaceful time for me. I had hoped to do more after my usual time last night but I felt so sleepy that I just gave in.

  2. Debbi Nanni-Zacher

    Hi Fran…I have been meditating for about 6 years. I use many methods but I seem to work best with auditory cues…music and some sort of verbal guiding. I enjoy Ruth Hartley’s meditation CDs and I do her free meditation online at work. I also use New Age music, such as Deuter or a combo New Age CD that is positively gorgeous called Seeking Serenity. I have been reading Eckhart Tolle and am learning to develop better PRESENCE, that is living in the moment. In learning this, I work on going into the moment, without thought and only feeling what is, which can be done in any setting. I try to do it throughout the day, when I walk, work or whatever. As I am a Reiki 2, I also like to incorporate Reiki into my meditation and my prayer. (Hope I didn’t go on too much about this.) The point is, there are so many ways to meditate and I believe that what’s right, is what’s right for YOU. I agree with Ele that it makes such a positive difference in your life.

    I think it is great that you have such a healthy attitude toward eating. It definitely makes a positive difference in your life and in your health. You look great and appear to be a positive, loving person.

    Talk soon…Debbi

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