Am I Ready For My Closeup?

Friday was strange.  For no reason in particular, I realized at about 6pm that I hadn’t eaten all day.  We had been doing various things, we went to the mall…the mall??…I never go to the mall!!  It was Ralph’s idea so we went.  The problem was that we had to deal with this…

Scary clouds, rain and winds.  The photos don’t do it justice, but we were soaked going about 25 yards from the parking lot to the entrance.  We actually mostly window shopped and that was fun and we got some exercise walking around.

When we got home and I realized I hadn’t eaten, I made myself a salad for dinner much like yesterday’s and I was very good with only clementines for a snack later in the evening.

I woke up this morning to this…

A beautiful sunrise!  It’s still damp and chilly, but a sight like that can put your day on the right footing.  I even had success at Weight Watchers.  After really trying hard to be on track all week, I was rewarded with 1.4 pound weight loss and most importantly, I am now Free again! 🙂  That’s the key!  When I got back to goal last summer, I counted up how much I had paid while I was over goal.  It was $490!!  I was thoroughly annoyed when I made that realization.  Now when I’m over goal and have to pay, I write it down to make myself aware of it.  It might sound silly, but the thought of having to pay that money helps to keep me on track during the week.

On my way home ( and because I didn’t have to pay today!) I stopped at Goodwill.  I love to check out their books.  What did I find but this…

The tag that you can probably see says $10.  They small yellow one that you probably can’t read at the bottom says 49 cents!! (Does it drive anyone else crazy that keyboards no longer have the symbol for “cent?”  It makes me nuts!!) Yes I truly am a big spender.  Pretty good for a book that was originally $18.95! 🙂

I’m still not sure if I’m ready to be vegan, but as the old saying goes…Knowledge is Power.  The more I learn about it the better I will be able to make an informed decision.  Anyway, there appear to be some yummy recipes that I can use…and share of course! 😉

I’m off now to see what the day will hold.  I MUST eat breakfast so I don’t get caught like yesterday.  Oatmeal seems to be calling my name.  Then I may be off to help Ele prepare for next week’s rummage sale. I’ve got to get a plan together for my snacks for tomorrow night’s Oscar festivities.  Yeah, festivities, me and the TV, Ralph won’t play Oscar party with me 😦   Tonight, I have to get started on my meditation practice. 

So we’ll see what the rest of the day will bring…and I have to see how my gown looks!!  I love Award season!!

3 responses to “Am I Ready For My Closeup?

  1. Solo Oscar party sounds like fun! I might be having one myself. Maybe with some popcorn.

    Did you buy beads already for your meditation, or are you starting without them?

  2. her mala is awesome! She is so talented but insists on hiding her light under a bushel! (sorry, old Sunday School teachers never die)

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