I Didn’t Win Again, But…

I had the best time watching the countdown to the Oscars and then the telecast itself!  While the countdown was going on, I spent my time reading over my mantra book

…in preparation for starting my meditation practice today.  More about that in a bit.

I very much enjoyed the show.  I’ve heard some comments online that the hosting was lacking, but I thought it was fun and I thought the show moved along well, certainly better than it has in some past years. They showed what they needed to do…BRING BACK BILLY CRYSTAL!!  I’ve heard him discuss how difficult it is and how much it takes out of him. The Academy needs to pay him whatever he wants to come back and host again!  I thought Anne Hathaway and James Franco were adorable but…there needs to be someone a bit more mature to give the show what it needs in a host.  Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox about that!  Nevertheless, I enjoyed it!

I was very proud of myself that I stuck to my plan regarding snacking.  We didn’t have dinner as I’d intended, Ralph brought home pre-made egg salad from a local convenience store and I used it to make wraps with my favorite Ole Tomato and Basil tortilla wrap.  I made 2 and although I didn’t really put a lot of the egg salad in them, they were quite filling, tasty and easy! 🙂 I had 3 clementines after and that kept me satisfied until well into the show.

I went with my plan to go with carrots and the Trader Joe’s red pepper/eggplant spread.  It’s very much like the Marco Polo ajvar which I can no longer find around here.  I just found it on Amazon while looking for the link, I guess that’s how I’ll have to buy it since I can only make occasional visits to Trader Joe’s. 

The spread with baby carrots counted for zero points.  I recalculated several times and even doubled and tripled the values when calculating and it still came to zero…my kind of snack! 🙂 The Tribe hummus was delicious!  I tried the horseradish flavor first and it was very tangy and yummy!  I ate it mostly with the carrots but I did have some of it with saltines.  Overall I think I’m happy with my performance as a snacker.  I should win an award!

Now back to my meditation practice.  Ele had mentioned on Saturday when we were discussing the practice that she had read online that some people sit on a little stool to do it.  I remembered that I had a little one that I had bought some years ago to use as a  foot stool.  I thought that it would be perfect…it’s padded and the top even flips open and I could store things in there.  So after I unearthed it, I realized that it would work very well. 

One of the great things about this mantra book is that it includes a CD that allows you to hear the mantra you chose in order to become familiar with how it should sound.  I listened to it during the countdown when I was reading the book.  It was such a help to have that.  You can read the words, but sometimes it’s hard to be sure if you’re pronouncing them properly.  I’m sure I wouldn’t be if it weren’t for the CD! 😉

I got up this morning and started.  The practice should be conducted for 40 days. As instructed, I had decided on what my intention would be for this 40 day period and got underway.  I think this will work.  The stool made it so much easier than it would be if I were sitting on the floor trying to keep the position.  I love my mala.  It took a few minutes for my fingers to get comfortable with what they were doing, but it started to feel like second nature.   I have a small bookshelf in my bedroom and I’m going to try to set it up as a little altar.  When I’ve gotten that set up, I’ll take photos of my stool and my altar to share.  It felt so peaceful and after a while I was actually able to block out most of the traffic noise. 

I think I’m going to like this…

Ommmmm……..Day One has begun…

5 responses to “I Didn’t Win Again, But…

  1. Can I say how proud I am of you? You are totally awesome and if you approach this as devotedly as you approach your weight loss practice you will have what you want in no time! Lucky for you that you “read the whole card first!” as Mary used to say in Munchkin!

  2. Oh Fran! This is awesome! You must be so proud to be free! It’s such a great feeling. I know how you feel. I’ve been slipping on the border of having to pay again because maintenance is really hard and i really want to lose more and blah blah but we can do it!
    thanks for sending me the link! i didn’t do too well today, no workout because of a sick kiddie and pizza and cookies for lunch. so hoping for a light dinner and back on track!

    • Hi Eleni! I’m so glad you found me! I’m just enjoying it so much. I look at it as an outlet for my writing and I feel like I’m accomplishing something everyday.

      All we can do is get ourselves back on track. So many times we get off and can’t get back on. As the old saying goes…just bite the bullet and do it! I’m so proud of you for getting back down to goal after babies. Your girls are so lucky because they will have you being a good example for them and helping them to live long healthy lives.

      Check back often. I post something every day, I try to make it fun. I’m really glad you like it!

  3. 🙂 I am so excited for meditation practice. Does that sound backwards…? I’m so… calm about it. Haha. My mala is ordered; hopefully I’ll have it soon and we can talk mantras!

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