Fat Tuesday? I Think Not!

I did no celebrating in relation to Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday Eve.  I was proud of myself for that!  And oat bran for breakfast…I am obsessed!!

Found myself at In A Pickle for lunch again.  It’s a lovely place but I need a change of pace.  Ralph has it stuck in his mind to go there.  I need something new to inspire me.  Caesar Salad again with balsamic vinaigrette this time.  Trying very hard to stay on track with my food this week and eating out doesn’t help.  It was a business lunch and all I could think of was what I could be doing at home.  Ah, well, I got on track when I got home.

I started to clean out some other kitchen cabinets.  I have tons of glassware, dishes, platters, candy dishes, that I never use (as evidenced by the thick layer of dust on the ones stored on top of the cabinets!)  I got part of them out of the cabinets with more to be unearthed.  They need a good washing and then I’ll take a photo of them dazzling in the sunlight to prove my point.  They are destined for the next rummage sale so I can get them out of the house and give them to Ele.  The church needs the help and boy do I have contributions! 🙂

Dinner was sneaky simple again last night.

The last of the baby eggplants, a store brand sugar snap stir fry and some veggie broth.  Black pepper, Mrs. Dash, Bell’s seasonings Onion & Herb seasoning and crushed red pepper flakes.  Garlic, of course! 😉

Topped with my wonderful sale WW cheddar cheese blend and served over left over couscous.

Very tasty and filling.

I was very good and just had clementines for a snack while watching Glee.

I’ve been awake since 2:30am.  I hate it when that happens.  I tried to make use of my time.  I did my meditation practice.  I really feel like I’m starting to find my focus.  Maybe middle of the night is when I need to do my practice! 😉 It was very enjoyable this morning. 

I did my exercise bike and added about 10 minutes to it.  Reading on the bike helps to make the time go quickly and keeps me pumping!  It’s my favorite way to exercise.  Besides, I have to find out what happens to that Girl Who Played With Fire!  Wish I had a treadmill because I could read there too!  Maybe after our move!

When the sun came up, I saw this lovely sight.  Not as spectacular as some but appreciated none the less.

Sadly, sometimes the sunrises and sunsets don’t translate to my photos as they should.  Probably lack of operator experience, but I’m working on it.

Today promises to be fun.  Ralph and I are meeting our friends Ed and Tina at a really fun spot.  I’ll take lots of photos and share about it.  Ele will be jealous when she finds out.  Sorry… 😦

Then after lunch I have glass to wash and cabinets to finish clearing…gotta start with a plan!  Is it polite to say…Happy Ash Wednesday?  Well, Happy Wednesday, anyway!

9 responses to “Fat Tuesday? I Think Not!

  1. Patricia Quigley

    Oh, boy I did . I am not getting weighed on Saturday — may not even show my little face . The nice thing is, I tried on a coat one of the ladies at our Fat Tuesday party wore — it fit and it was a 14 or 14W. Yippee.

    • Q!!! That’s excellent! See, that’s what I was saying on Saturday…you have to see yourself in the size of clothing you currently are in order to really understand what you’ve accomplished! I’m proud of you no matter what!

  2. That sunrise looks gorgeous, Fran! I love the colors. And we’ll have to make sure we go back to the rummage sale so I can check our those dishes. I don’t have room for them. But i want them.

    • Thanks, Miss Kristen! I appreciate it. Amazon keeps sending me e-mails about the Rebel since I looked it up. I don’t know…shouldn’t spend all that money…want it alot, though… The dishes are very cool. They were Grandmom’s but I just can’t keep them all. I am keeping some, but I’ll give you first dibs on what ever you want, my sweet!

  3. valerie andruss

    Happy Ash Wednesday right back at you. Did you give up anything for Lent?

    • Basically, I think I’m giving up inappropriate snacking. Maybe I should say mindless snacking. I can snack but it has to be planned and good choices, fruit, veggies, fat free or low fat dips. I have to think about it before I do it. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and give up Doritos/Sun Chips and the like. Ok, there you have it…I’m giving up chips! Oh, the humanity….

  4. Heathen that I am, I am giving up nothing for Lent! I intend to keep on my path of meditation and when I reach my goal I shall share the wealth. Until then, you will all have to be satisfied with my undying love! It is true and faithful.

    And, Fran, your sunrise is beautiful! Just like you. So there!!!

  5. PS. I love the new format!…the end…really!

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