Watch Out for Those Speed Bumps!

Tuesday seemed to be one of those disjointed days again.  I had done a little planning ahead.  I had soaked a bag of black beans over night so that they would be ready for the crock pot in the morning.

All finished and ready to keep me satisfied and protein filled all week!  Why do they always look “frosty” in my photos?!?

Ralph and I had to run a few errands and then I went to Gail’s house to spend a little time and help where I could.

When I got home, the mail had come and I was excited to find this hiding in the pile…

The invitation to our nephew’s wedding in May!  We’re all so excited, they’re such a great couple.  They even made a guest appearance in my very first post back in December…

Heather and Brian!  We love them so much and they are just the perfect couple together.  We’re SO happy for them!  It’s so nice to have a happy occasion to look forward to!

When dinner time came, Ralph was still working on his leftover corned beef, cabbage and potatoes.

I was very hungry by the time it came to dinner.  I had oatmeal with Almond Breeze for breakfast and only a Lemon Chobani for lunch.  My tummy was empty! 😦

I wanted fast and easy.  I started with olive oil and garlic and chopped up 2 sad little green bell peppers left in the fridge…

I was planning on serving this all over whole wheat penne pasta, but I had finished  my chopping when I realized I hadn’t even put the water on to boil let alone start the pasta cooking!  So of course, I turn the water up as high as possible and it does boil.  But then I put the pasta in and didn’t turn down the gas.  Well,  it boils over AND puts out the pilot light on that side of the stove! 😦  So I had to move the hot pasta pot over to the other side of the stove because I was already cooking the peppers and I couldn’t lift the hot top of the stove to re-light the pilot!  All this and I cut my time short and I wanted to be ready to eat when TMZ came on.  It’s very important that I eat my dinner while watching TMZ 😉 Of course they’ve messed me up because they changed the time!

I got back on track. This was supposed to be simple right?!?

I added a can of diced tomatoes with basil and oregano and leftover cannellini beans.  I added black pepper, more dried basil and crushed red pepper flakes…spicy, yum…

Sprinkled of course with Locatelli Romano Cheese.  It was so good!  And inspite of how my story sounds, I was able to get it ready in time to see TMZ!  That’s why this is such a great recipe, it’s fast even when you hit  a few speed bumps! 🙂

I haven’t mentioned my meditation practice lately.  It’s going well.  I feel such peace when I do it.  Whether I hold on to that peace throughout the day is another story.  I still have not successfully fit in an evening practice, but I’m still working on it.  I think it would be good for me. 

So sad to hear the sad news of the passing of Elizabeth Taylor…

She really was a legend.  I’m sure the TV news and entertainment shows will be full of her today and rightly so. 

It’s damp and dreary out, but I’m looking forward to a good day.  Happy Wednesday!

6 responses to “Watch Out for Those Speed Bumps!

  1. I saw that Elizabeth Taylor had died but I believe they have grossly underestimated her age. They are saying she is 79. Wrong! She may be 89 but never 79. Either way, she was beautiul to the end and what her AIDS foundation has done is nothing shrot of miraculous. She will be sorely missed as an actress and humanitarian.

    Today has to be one of the most crabby days I have had in a long time. I went to someone’s house to look at a complaint and her toddler son was crabby, too. I told him that I thought we should both sit down and watch Diego and maybe we would feel better. He agreed! I should have taken him up on it!!!!

  2. Ele,, you are so darn CUTE… You are so sweet and caring and help everyone in your path. Fran that dinner looks great, and easy. I throw together things like that and it turns out yummy. Of course no one else in my family like it because it isn’t meat.
    Elizabeth Taylor was beautiful to the end. A natural beauty inside and out. She started raising money for AIDS way before anyone would help. What a great job and a great person.

  3. Fran, great pics always. You do a great job 🙂

  4. Sounds like a night in my kitchen. LOL Madness always ensues. As long as I end up with something tasty, I’m happy though. Yours looks great!

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