Rainy Wednesday

We had to go on a sort of rescue mission yesterday.  Ralph got a call early in the day from his sister.  She had received a call from a man who had found Ralph’s brother’s cell phone.   We needed to pick it up and return it to him.  Our trip took us about 40 minutes south of us. 

We realized we had headed in the wrong direction and found ourselves driving through Rowan University.  I had graduated from there a “few” years back when it was still Glassboro State College.  As we turned onto the road that took us through the university, Ralph and I both realized that we recognized NOTHING around us.  There were huge housing complexes, new buildings and construction.  It was a very strange feeling.  A place where I spent 4 of my formative years was just not the same place anymore. 

As we drove through, I sent a text message to a friend of mine who works there.  I told her I didn’t recognize anything.  Her response was, “the times they are a changin’.” I guess she’s right.  I miss the simplicity of those sweet times many years ago. 

Mission accomplished, we headed back through Mullica Hill.  I wanted to stop at the Natural Harvest Market.  I went in search of the edamame burger Kristen had gotten there a few weeks back.  Just my luck, they were out of them but they would be coming in at 3pm.  Deana, the owner told me she save me some.  So I’ll be making a pilgrimage on Saturday.  I can’t wait to try that burger! 🙂

Ralph suggested that we stop at the Harrison House for lunch. I thought that was a good idea.  They had a broccoli and feta cheese omelette on the lunch menu which I thought looked good.  I asked the waiter if I could get fruit cup in place of the home fries.  He said no, but I could get sliced tomatoes.  I thought that sounded good.  I asked for rye toast, dry. 

My lunch arrived with home fries and buttered toast…sigh…  Sometimes I think waiters and waitresses get kind of numb in their job.  I understand that can happen, but when a customer asks specifically for something, I think they should write it down.  The diner wasn’t busy at that time, so you can’t use that excuse.  He said he would take it back, but I just didn’t feel dealing with that.  I didn’t eat the home fries (I hate to waste food which is why I asked for something else!)  but I did eat the toast.  The omelette was ok.

Ralph wasn’t hungry when it got to be dinner time.  He said he’d make himself a sandwich later. So I started to create…and strangely…it was all Green again!

Brown rice (not burned this time!), snow peas, the lovely little squash which might or might not be a zucchini, frozen broccoli, black beans and garlic.

Topped with some of my WW sale cheese, we have this lovely result…

It was really tasty.  I love having the big container of black beans ready in the fridge.  I don’t have to open a can, just have to scoop!  It’s great! 🙂

We had thunderstorms last night which was a little strange.  Lots of rain and it’s still wet and dreary out there now.  Lots of errands to do today.  Hopefully I’ll get some constructive things done, too. 

Rainy or not, Happy Thursday!!

3 responses to “Rainy Wednesday

  1. Happy Thursday…. Fran that mean looks great. I never cut my snow peas but it looks great, I think I will try it from now on. Where do you get your “ww sale cheese” ha ha .. Do you eat fish? All veggies? I eat fish, I LOVE salmon!!!
    The sun will be out soon.. and we can enjoy. Right now the rain is for the grass and trees and beautiful flowers to grow.. and the ducks ha ha
    Have a great day… 🙂 PS: I agree, waiter’s should write down what is ordered, they hardly get it right and it is annoying. I am always polite but it is annoying…

    • Last week, when I went shopping, the WW cheese was on sale half price! I never buy it because it’s too expensive. I bought it because it was cheap! 🙂 I used to eat fish, but I’m moving away from it. Ralph keeps nagging me because he doesn’t think I get enough protein with out eating fish. That’s why I’ve been talking about getting protein in. I’m on a mission to prove to him that I get enough protein without eating the fish.

  2. testing to see if pic comes up!

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