Friday/Saturday-A Melange

Friday was another one of those days when I woke at 3am and was out of bed by 4:30 because…why stay there when you’re not sleeping?  😦  It was good because I needed to be at Gail’s house at 10:30 and I had a cake to bake!

I was giving another try to the Weight Watchers pumpkin spice cake that turned out so badly before.  Fortunately, this time it was much more successful.

Again, it is insanely simple…

You open a spice cake mix, any brand…

…and mix it with a can of pumpkin…

It’s a little stiff and it takes a bit of stirring to get it to mix, but (when done correctly, using a FRESH box of cake mix!) you get this…

Boy, does it smell/taste GOOD!   It made me want the holidays to come back…it smelled like Thanksgiving.  Everyone at Gail’s house thought it was great!  So did Ralph.   I was waiting until weigh in at Weight Watchers on Saturday morning for my taste.

Now that I’ve weighed in, I know that I deserve that treat!  I lost 1 and 3/4 pounds at WW this morning…I was SO excited!   I tried hard this week so I was glad my efforts paid off…because I was Free and under goal!

After the meeting I coerced Kristen into going to Mullica Hill so that I could pick up my edamame burger at Natural Harvest Market.  The only problem was that it didn’t open until 10:30.  So we stopped at WaWa for coffee and then headed to the Amish Farmers Market.  We had a great time there browsing around.  I picked up a few things…

Flax seed-which is SO inexpensive there, vanilla extract and Coco Pop Cakes in whole wheat.  I’ve had the regular ones before, but I figured the whole wheat would be healthier and it has 1 gram of protein as opposed to 0 for the original ones.  They are so good. They’re big and count for almost nothing on WW.  I have to calculate it, but I know it’s a good deal on points.

Then we went to Natural Harvest and picked up my edamame burger.  As Kristen had warned me, it was pricey, but she tells  me it’s worth it.  It comes with its own little tub of special sauce.  I also got a block of tofu that could stop a truck~it’s “super firm” and extra protein.  It has 14 g of protein for a 3 ounce serving, so that’s pretty good!

I’m excited to give both a try.  Kristen told me about how she used tofu to make something reminiscent of tuna salad.  That will be project for the coming week because I certainly have tofu!!

It’s been a good day so far.  Ralph and I are headed to Barnes & Noble, because earlier in the week he found 2 gift cards left over from Christmas.  I have a coupon for a new book by an author I really like.  Then later we’re meeting Bill, Alex and Patrick at the mall to “hang out.”  Haven’t been asked to do that for a long time, but I’m looking forward to it!

So Happy Saturday to everyone…we’ll see what the day holds!

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