The Rest of the Day of Rest

Since I had all of that wonderful fruit cut up, I decided we could use a nice healthy breakfast on Sunday…

Ralph had just the fruit and I paired mine with Chobani plain.  Pretty darn satisfying for only 2 points!

We decided we felt like getting out of the house.  We had gotten an Olive Garden gift card for Christmas and I had found a discount coupon in the paper a few weeks back.  We were set! 🙂

It’s often a long wait at our local Olive Garden but we were fairly early so we had no problem being seated right away.  We started with their salad which to me is one of the best salads you get at any restaurant.

My “first” helping! 😉

Of course, while we waited for our entrée, Ralph drew a picture of our waitress, who was really good, by the way.

My entrée was Ravioli di Portabello…

Very good!  I’ve been trying to get myself to slow down when I eat, which I’ve has always been a problem for me.  I did very well with this…slowly, slowly…

We hashed around the idea desert.  My favorite is their lemon cream cake.

Lemon Cream Cake

It’s so good that I contemplated asking for it for my birthday cake, but it costs $35.oo for a full cake!  It’s probably more now.  But I decided considering what I had just eaten, I probably didn’t need that.  But I love lemon and noticed that they had “dolcini” translated as “little dessert treats” and there was a lemon version. 


It was so cute and so good!  What looked like a real miniature lemon on top turned out to be a candy. 

Ralph had the strawberry version and we both had coffee. 

I refuse to share how many points that all was.  I worked it into the program for the day,though…  😉

It was a wonderful afternoon out for both of us.  I was stuffed and didn’t really think about food later.  I did have a snack of some of the Coco cakes I got at the Amish Market on Saturday with Tribe Hummus.

Tribe is quickly becoming my favorite hummus mainly because it always seems to be on sale! 🙂  This time I tried the cracked chili pepper variety.  It was yummy with just the right amount of spicy kick.  I figured out the Coco cakes and 2 of them count for 1 point on WW!  Amazing!  The hummus it 2 points for 2 tablespoons, and that can go a long way. 

I haven’t mentioned my meditation practice lately.  It’s going well and today is day 30 for me!  I’m proud of myself for sticking to it.  One of my projects last night was to re-string my mala.  I had made it too loose when I originally did it and it became distracting during my practice because the beads always got away from me.  I used it this morning and it worked out perfectly. 

Now it’s Monday again.  I have many things to do.  Let’s see how many get crossed off the list by the end of the day.  Maybe I should actually make a list.  If I followed it, I might accomplish more.  Let’s give it a try!  Happy Monday!! 🙂

4 responses to “The Rest of the Day of Rest

  1. Happy Monday. I have to follow you with all your coupons. I LOVE coupons.. I always get them and then forget to use them. 😦 I hate that. I love hummus and you are right, tribe is usually on sale AND I LOVE a SALE.

  2. You got my all time favorite meal at Olive Garden. I love it mostly because you are not overstuff after you have finished and you can have dessert!

  3. All that fruit looks delicious!! Fresh fruit and greek yogurt is the best combo!!

    • Hi Lauren! Great to hear from you again. Yes…I LOVE Greek yogurt and it’s so good for you. Being vegetarian my husband is always nagging me about protein…the Greek yogurt certainly does it’s part to help!

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