Reduction Mission

I got up early on Sunday to make a treat to take to Gail’s house (and for us to have a treat too!)  I decide I’d make the cinnamon loaves I’d made a week or so ago.  My mission this time…to lighten up the recipe.

As I made it last time, a 1/12 serving of the recipe counted as 8 points.  It’s delicious, there’s no doubt, but I hate to use up 8 points on a treat.  I knew I could do better. 

Instead of using 1/2 cup of canola oil, which added 28 points to the overall recipe for a total point value of 93 points, I used sugar-free applesauce which counts for “0” points!  It reduced the overall value of the recipe to 65 points.  This makes each serving 5.41 points.  Unfortunately, on the new program you have to round up to the next point so it comes out to 6 points per serving.  Still better!

Before the oven…

…after the oven!! 🙂

They looked the same and thank goodness, they tasted the same!  I took one over to Gail’s house and everyone said it was delicious and they couldn’t tell the difference…Right Answer!! 😉

Ralph thought it was just as good also (although he’s always big on telling me he doesn’t want to know what the ingredients are…ESPECIALLY if he likes something!)

I started thinking though that I might be able to lighten it up a little more.  I calculated it with egg substitute rather than regular eggs.  Real eggs add a total of 4 points, while egg substitute only adds 2 points.  That brings it to 5.25 points per serving…still 6 points.  This morning I thought about checking the milk.  I had used 2 % milk for 1 point.  Unfortunately, changing it to non fat milk is still 1 point.  So it seems we’re stuck at 6 points.

I’m thinking of looking into egg replacer to see if that would help  the count.  Did any of you who know me well, EVER think you’d see so much Math on BCDC?!? 😉  I didn’t either, but I’m enjoying this challenge and I’ll probably try to continue it with other recipes.  I like a challenge! 

Another comment on this whole process…just because a container of something (sour cream in this case) is 16 ounces, doesn’t mean you’ll get 2 cups out of it.  I was a little shy on sour cream, but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

Dinner last night was the left overs from Saturday night’s Chinese dinner.

There was so much left over, I was stuffed again.  I forgot to mention that for a table treat at Sakana Oriental, they give you steamed edamame in the pods.  They’re really tasty and certainly better for you than the crispy chip thingys they give you at other Chinese restaurants.  (Ralph always complains he misses his little chippy things!)

I had brought the leftover edamame home with the other leftovers.  I popped them and included them in my leftover dish which was a pleasant addition.  Get that protein in any way you can!! 😉

Here it is Monday and it’s dreary and damp outside.  I have lots to accomplish before I go over to Gail’s again, to help.  I’m learning a LOT about baseball and catching up on a lot of shows On Demand.  It’s fun to spend so much time with old friends.  I just wish it was for a different reason.  We’re all trying to make the best of it. 

Don’t know what else the day may hold…Happy Monday! 🙂

2 responses to “Reduction Mission

  1. those loaves look great! thanks for sharing 🙂 happy monday to you too!

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