Happy Easter!

My happy Easter started with this little fellow…

And his friends…

… a box of Duffy’s Chocolates!  They are a long time local company.  In fact, just looking at their website, I see that they’re as old as me…pretty old, but I think we’re both still in good shape! 😉  They are dark chocolate butter creams and they are so yummy.  I couldn’t find any nutritional info so I’m going with the Weight Watchers standard of 2 points for a piece of candy.  I won’t tell you how many points I ate, but let’s just say I ate my share!

My very favorite Easter treat is these…

Zintner’s Butter Cream Eggs…I’m drooling as I type.  They are another local company and they are just the best!  I was originally going to talk about these in January because I first found them in the stores on January 21 and it made  me crazy!  I knew I had to resist them all that time.  I think I had 4 the entire season and thankfully Ralph didn’t buy me any for Easter.

I always got them individually and I was never able to calculate the Points for them.  About a week ago I was at the local CVS and they had an unopened box on the shelf that I could turn over without making a terrible mess.  The people in the store must have thought I was crazy!  Turns out that they are only 4 Points! 🙂  I say only because for as much as I enjoy them, they are truly worth the Points!  I’m also excited to find out I can order them on-line so I can still get them when we move to New Mexico!

We were having Easter dinner at Ele’s.  Just before leaving to go to her house, we got a phone call from Ralph’s son Bill.  He told us that he, Alex and Patrick would be able to join us for dinner after all.  We were very excited.  I called Ele to let her know and she was thrilled.

Bill, Patrick, Alex and Ralph

Jim, Ele and Bill

In my efforts to stay on track…I had a plan! No, really a plan?!?  Yes, for a change!

I had made a really Big salad and I started with a really Big bowl!

Funny thing was, by the time I finished it, I was mostly full.  However, I couldn’t pass up two of my very favorite things…

Ele’s cole slaw, made from Gram’s recipe and…Macaroni and Cheese!  I think I finally have the recipe down so I’ll be sharing it soon!  I made the green beans and they were good, too!

In order to keep myself from seconds on the mac and cheese, I had another big bowl of the salad topped with more of the green beans.  It was very good and it helped keep me in line for this…

…Yes!  Another birthday celebration for Ralph!  This is getting to be a habit with us!

The Birthday Boy…as adorable as ever!

My tiny corner of cake…home made by Ele.  Another recipe I need to share!

One last shot of Grandpop and his Boys! 🙂

It was a lovely day in all ways!

Strangely, when I got home, I had a terrible problem with snacking.  I kept it under control with popcorn and CoCo cakes, 2 CoCo cakes for 1 Point! But it was tricky. 

I have lots of things to do today, so let’s get started and see what I can accomplish.

Can’t keep her out of my mind…Happy Birthday, Mom!  I miss you every day.

6 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. We also had cole slaw and macaroni and cheese as part of our Easter dinner. I had seen on Hungry Girl a great recipe for easy and delicious Mac and Cheese.

    Too-EZ Mac ‘n Cheese
    PER SERVING (1 heaping cup): 222 calories, 5.5g fat, 772mg sodium, 35g carbs, 6g fiber, 6g sugars, 8.5g protein — PointsPlus® value 6*

    Prep: 5 minutes
    Cook: 30 minutes

    4 1/2 oz. (about 2 cups) uncooked whole-wheat-blend or high-fiber rotini pasta (like the kind by Ronzoni)
    24 oz. (about 6 cups) frozen Green Giant Broccoli & Cheese Sauce
    3 wedges The Laughing Cow Light Original Swiss cheese
    Optional: salt and black pepper

    In a large pot, prepare pasta according to the instructions on the package; drain well and set aside. While pasta is cooking, place contents of the broccoli & sauce package in a large microwave-safe bowl. Cover and microwave until sauce has melted and broccoli is hot, 10 – 12 minutes.

    Once the bowl is cool enough to handle, remove it from the microwave and add cooked pasta. Unwrap cheese wedges and add those as well.

    Mix thoroughly, ensuring that the cheese wedges are evenly distributed and the pasta and broccoli are coated in cheese sauce. Season to taste with salt and pepper, if you like, and then enjoy!


    Super easy and really yummy! Even John will eat this 🙂 And I love love love the laughing cow light cheese wedges (personal favorite is the garlic and herb, but there are lots of flavors now and one 35 calorie wedge is enough for a great snack with whatever you want to pair it with.

  2. sure, Ginny, I really needed to know how good the Laughing Cow garlic and herb chesse is! Not fair, I’m not supposed to eat cheese!

    We did have a great time on Sunday. What a nice surprise to have Bill and the boys with us.

  3. Mary always believed that your birthday should go from the weekend before to the weekend after.

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