Why I Walk

Last year I had the first opportunity to experience the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. This afternoon I will start walking again and if the rain holds out, I will be walking all night long.  From 6pm until 6am.  That’s how it works.

As you can imagine it is a fund-raising event for the ACS.  Our niece Carrie was the impetus behind it in our family.  She started our team, called Elvis In The Attic in memory of her mother in law, Cheryl.  Cheryl was an incredible person, an irreplaceable part of our family and one of the bravest people I have ever know.  After an 8 year battle, and I do mean battle because she was a fighter, we lost her in February of 2006. 

This is our team from last year…Kristen, Terri, Diann, Elvis, Brian, Ele, Little Michael, Me and Carrie.

This is a photo of Cheryl at her son Patrick’s wedding along with her Dad, Gordy.

This is Cheryl with Patrick as a baby.

We miss her.

Another person I walk for is my cousin LuAnn…she is my hero.

She is courageous and she is WINNING THE FIGHT!!  We are all so proud of her.  We always have been proud of her, this just increases our admiration.  We love her so much! 🙂

There are other friends and family members who have over the years waged war on this terrible disease.  We are proud of them for their fight and their success and we are so glad to still have them in our lives.

Most of all, I walk for my niece Mary Ellen.

This is Mary with her brother Patrick when she was a soccer superstar…or Honey Bee…which every you’d like!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Me with Mary and Little Michael on Halloween when he was 1 year old.

You’ve seen lots of photos of Little Michael.  He is Mary’s son.  He was not quite 4 years old when we lost Mary.  A child shouldn’t lose his Mother at that age, but it happened and we can’t change that.  We can work to help end this terrible disease.

I ask you all to donate to the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.  You can still donate by going to my page.  It’s quick and easy and your donation could help to save a life. 

No child should lose his mother for any reason…

Please donate so that it doesn’t happen again.  

The theme of the Relay For Life is “More Birthdays.”  Today I’d like to wish Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world.

Ele, Little Michael and Grandmom Gross.

Happy Birthday, Ele!! 🙂

One response to “Why I Walk

  1. When they gave out sisters, I got the best and everyone else got what was left over. No parent should lose a child, no child a mother, no man his wife. Through the love of family and friends I have survived the loss of my daughter and best friend. I walk so that no one should ever feel the pain that our family has. If we walk and walk and walk, we will win.

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