A Walk In The Rain

Late Friday afternoon, Ele, Little Michael and I headed off to Chestnut Ridge Park in Mantua for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  We were excited, but a little anxious that it might not go off because of the terrible weather.  It was drizzling when we left and continued to rain on and off during our drive.  We got there and there was a downpour! 😦  Ele braved the rain to check with the registration desk and they said the Walk was a go, rain or shine. 

Kristen arrived and she squeezed in with us in the car…

Kristen, Little Michael and the Gear!

As more of our team arrived, we found out where our campsite was and unloaded.

Kristen, Ele and Little Michael looking casual!

Setting up a tent…

A cute, scary pirate!

Lauren Hart, the voice of the Philadelphia Flyers, singing the National Anthem.  What a beautiful voice!

Of course food was involved!  We were lucky that our campsite was across from a lady selling food.  Kristen and I were SO excited to find that she had macaroni and cheese.


Kristen with hers!

Halfway through my SECOND batch of Diann’s fruit salad.  It was SO good!

The reason for the walk…the luminaria that commemorate those we have lost.

Little Michael as a saucy Storm Trooper, ready for the Crazy Hat lap!

The strange mist that covered everything that night.  Even though it was not raining, we were never dry.  One good thing…Carrie showed me how to turn off the flash on my camera when I wanted to take a picture in the available light…Hooray!! 🙂

One of my favorites…Boy With Tootsie Pop…

Sadly, I never did get a group shot of our team.  We were all the same team from last year, joined by Brian’s beautiful bride, Heather and his wonderful sister, Lisa.

I’ll finish up with something that everyone found so astonishing.  As we were starting the survivor’s lap where all of the cancer survivors who were present do a lap around the track,  we were blessed with a rainbow!! My photo doesn’t really do it justice, but here it is.

Last year, the Relay raised $43,000.  As of Saturday morning, we had raised $80,000!!  That is so incredible and donations are still coming in so we should get an update on the final total. You can still donate if you like by going to my page.  It is so great to see what can happen when people get together for a good cause.

Hope the rain stays away.  We’re off to celebrate Ele’s birthday…Again!! 😉

Happy Sunday!

4 responses to “A Walk In The Rain

  1. susanna elisabeth harrison bickings

    This is beautiful, Aunt Fran!!! Next year i’m IN!!! Love you all so much.

  2. Susie, that would be wonderful. Some how, coming so close to my birthday and the day I lost Mary seems to help. We had a wonderful time even though we were wet all night. I don’t think that my feet warmede up untill I got into the tub around 9 AM.

    We walk because we can do nothing else. Our hearts are forever broken. We walk so that no other family will have to suffer as we have. Our best and brightest have been taken from us but if we continue to raise money, a cure will be found. Breast cancer is no longer the death sentence it used to be. Someday, they will have to take the word “cancer” out of the dictionary!!!

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