Toot Toot Tootsie

These have been somewhat difficult days lately.  Spending long hours with my best friend Gail trying to help care for her 91-year-old Mom who is doing poorly.  We enjoy spending time together with our other best friend, Alice.  Many moments are difficult, but the time we spend together and with her Mom are precious.

Gail has always been a big baseball fan, the Philadelphia Phillies in particular and me…not so much.  Well, she’s turning me into a baseball fan, too!  We watch the games together and I’ve even started to watch them when I’m home.  I never thought it would happen.  I actually CARE that Chase Utley is back!

Since we’re all on Weight Watchers, we try to keep each other on track.  Long hours of sitting and waiting can lead to serious snacking issues.  We have 2 standbys that get us through the days.  One is Orville Redenbacher’s 94% fat-free popcorn.

Orville Redenbacher's® Gourmet® Popping Corn

The whole bag is only 3 Points on Weight Watchers and it really is a satisfying snack.  I have over the years mastered the art of slow popcorn eating (too bad I can’t master that with other foods!)  I can make that popcorn last through most of an episode of Law & Order!

Our other saving grace is strangely enough Tootsie Pops!! 

 We love them and go in search of them whenever our stash gets low.  We recently discovered that we can get them at Dollar Tree for…A Dollar!!  We had been buying them at Family Dollar but they were over $2.00.  We recently stocked up on them because we rely on them so much.

Do you think we’re covered for a while?!?!?  Gail had an old pretzel container and we decided that would be the best place for them. 🙂

We usually get the pack which they now consider their standard.  It has a lot of the original flavors, chocolate, cherry, grape and orange (no lime 😦  ) But it currently also has raspberry, green apple (not lime) and pomegranate.  It’s very funny watching us in the store.  There’s only a tiny window in the bag where you can see in.  We stand there poking at the bags to move the Pops around so we can take the bags that have the most of our favorites.

One of the good things about Tootsie is that they keep coming up with new flavor varieties, but the bad news is you can only get them for a short time.  We recently found this new one at Dollar Tree.

Wild Berry Flavors!!!  They are SO good!  Included are Wild Apple Berry, Wild Cherry Berry, Wild Mango Berry (my second favorite) and Wild Black Berry (my VERY favorite!!)  We all loved them!

We found them at one particular Dollar Tree.  I figured all of the stores carried the same thing at all of the stores…not so.  I went to the one that’s closer to us and there were none.  I even asked the manager…he said the stores don’t all get the same things…:-(

So when I had the chance to get back to the store were we originally found them…I bought 8 bags!!  I really keep itching to go back there and get some more, just to be safe.  But I think I’ll control myself right now. 😉

I did have a good dinner last night.  Ralph and I both had salads using up the last of the Artisan lettuce from last week and the last of the Big Salad from Sunday.

Dressed again with my balsamic vinaigrette with honey.  Very good.  

I love the convenience of having a big bowl of salad ready in the fridge.  I may do that today before I head to Gail’s house so that dinner will be easy again tonight.

Off to a busy day.  The Glee season finale is tonight!

Happy Tuesday!

4 responses to “Toot Toot Tootsie

  1. I think I need to start eating Tootsie Pops again 🙂

  2. my hubby is a big phillies fan too!

    • Hi Lynn! I’ve always been a supporter, but never really enjoyed watching the games. I do now. Ralph and I always joke that although we didn’t like watching the games we had never seen a baseball movie that we didn’t like. Take care…I Love The Actor’s Diet!

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