Vamp Till Ready

The title is an old theatre saying.   It means the business you do until it’s time to do your business whether it be your lines in a show or a song. 

That’s what the last few days have felt like.  In a way just going through the motions until it’s time to handle what we need to handle.

I did have a doctor’s appointment this morning and had to deal with annoying traffic and then deal with a long wait to see the doctor.  Then more traffic for the way home. 

Tonight is the viewing for my best friend Gail’s Mom.  Tomorrow is the funeral.   My posts have been sporadic for that reason. 

Gail and I spent most of yesterday into the evening going through old photos.  It’s funny how when you know someone all your life, you have a lot of things that you share.  We found a lot of great old photos.  Boy, have we changed over the years!  We laughed at how many times Gail’s hair changed over the years and how her Mom’s hair was always the same.

I may not get to post for the rest of the weekend.  Everyone have an enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend, and please remember the reason for the holiday…all of the people who fought and died for our freedom.  We can never repay what they gave to us.

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