Back To Real Life

After spending the last week in a hazy unreal world, we are all trying to get ourselves back on track.

We planned a get together at Ele’s house for Memorial Day.  Not a lot of people, but we had a good time.

Carrie and Ralph

Jim toasting Me with water!

Little Michael being silly with his Aunt Heather

Little Michael being silly with Uncle Patrick

Ele and Heather

Ele and Jim

Me, Little Michael and Ralph

Me, Ele, Jim and Ralph taken by Little Michael!

The start of the food.  We realized that we had the table directly in the sun so we eventually moved it to the other side of the yard in the shadow of the house.

Kiss The Cook!!  Brian working his magic on the grill!

My usual Big Salad!

Ele’s VERY yummy pasta salad!

My Combo Plate ( there were 2 of these…may sound like a lot, but overall I think I was Very good!) 🙂

The wonderfulness I had been waiting for and why I said Kiss The Cook referring to Brian.  He’s such a great guy.  He makes marinated eggplant for me!!  He tells me he marinates it in balsamic vinaigrette and then grills it.  I need to get a grill pan so that I can do this at home.  It’s cut thick and is very…can I say “meaty.”  It’s delicious and filling. 

We were so lucky that in spite of several really hot days, it was very comfortable outside.  As long as we were out of the sun, there was a wonderful breeze and we were not fried like WE were on the grill as we had been last year.

One of the highlights for me was the gift that Carrie and Patrick brought me from their Alaskan cruise.

This is by an Alaskan artist.  It is a dragonfly decorated with Totem markings.  I love dragonflies and Carrie knows that.  A few years ago, she even made me a book of pictures of dragonflies from her garden.  She’s SO creative.  I just love this and need to get a frame for it.

Under the heading of technical difficulties, I realized at the end of the day that somehow the memory card from camera was loose.  It wasn’t in place in the camera so all of the photos I was taking were going to the camera’s memory rather than the card.  I had a momentary freak out because I had never tried to download photos directly from the camera.  Seems that I can be pretty clever when I need to.  All of the photos except for the one of my dragonfly are all downloaded from the camera.  I can even do both at once now because I needed to get the dragonfly from the memory card.   I’m very proud of myself for figuring out how to do it. 

Happy Memorial Day!

To all who served and gave their all…Thank You.

To all who serve today…Thank You.

To my wonderful Ralph who served.  Thank You.

6 responses to “Back To Real Life

  1. Happy Memorial Day to you all! And a big hello to Jim 🙂 That grilled eggplant looks great!

  2. Hi! I love your blog and I lived the first few years of my life in Weehawken, NJ , so I reading BCDC is like a little trip home! Do you know what the dragonfly totem signifies? Well, the average life-span for a dragonfly is about 24 hours, so it reminds us that life is short and precious, and that we must make use of every second. After following your blog for a few weeks, I think it it suits you beautifully. 🙂

    • Thanks, M! I appreciate you following me. I don’t know what the totem signifies, but I did want to try to research it. Haven’t had much time lately, but I will have more now. Where do you live now?

  3. I’m in Miami, but I’ve still got family in Englewood and Fort Lee. My heart belongs to Weehawken, though. 🙂 I left there when I was 4, but it still feels like home whenever I go back. Whenever we have vibrant blue skies and cold days down here (1-2 days a year!), I always call them “NJ days”.

    • That’s Great! My husband and I are moving to New Mexico (hopefully by the end of the year) and when there’s an incredibly blue sky with big fluffy clouds we always say it’s a NM day! Miami is such an exciting place. I spent a week there some years ago for computer training when I was a travel agent. Beautiful city! Take care!

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