New ‘Do and Getting It Done

Well, if I’d thought about it, I would have taken a photo of my new ‘do when I got home last night.  It would be way too scary to take a photo now to post, so I’ll post one tomorrow when I’m looking my best ! 😉

It feels SO much better and it really needed to be done before we leave for Clearwater on Sunday.

I got some things done around the house in preparation for being away.  Cleaned the bathroom (oh JOY!), folded laundry and on and on.  Finally around 11:30 I realized I hadn’t eaten breakfast.

Oikos Greek Yogurt, Fiber One and a banana!  See, I’m eating my bananas!  😉 It looks a little spotty, but it was just right inside.  I have 4 more left that look just like it.  Guess I should start eating them!  I was given the Oikos and I’m not sure if I like it as much as I like Chobani.  They’re not a lot different, Chobani seems a little creamier, though.  I guess I’ll let what’s on sale dictate which I buy.  I do love the Greek yogurt though and you really can’t beat it for the protein content! 🙂

I met Ele at the Church for more Rummage Prep.  It’s amazing what we’ve been able to accomplish in a few short hours each day this week.  Just a bit more today should have it ready for the Sale tomorrow!

I had to leave a little earlier than I might have to go to my hair appointment, but I’d been feeling a little light-headed all day.  I stopped home and remembered that I had some protein bars in the cabinet. 

I grabbed this Carrot Cake Clif bar.  Yum!  I forgot how good these are.  I was so hungry I didn’t take a photo first so all you get is the empty wrapper! 😉   7 Points on Weight Watchers, but I got 10 grams of protein and it was just what I needed to tide me over until I got back home for dinner.

A few days ago ( I confess, I don’t exactly remember when…) I started to marinate some tofu.  I’m so bad on forgetting to use things.  This was from QUITE a while ago.  I had bought it at Natural Harvest Market. It’s from a company called Wild Wood Organic. It must be good stuff because when I just went to look at the label, I realized that it is really FAR past it’s date (you know I have a problem with that!) but it was still good .

I marinated it in Italian dressing, sprinkled it with ground black pepper and then sautéed it in a skillet coated with cooking spray.

I snagged a piece to taste first and it was great!

I added a little more of the dressing, some Locatelli cheese and I’M IN LOVE!!  I had never prepared tofu at home before. I would buy it and it would stay in the fridge until it became a science experiment!  I’d gotten some that was already flavored and used it for wraps but this is the first time I’ve cooked with it.  I like it so much that this morning I sliced some more and put it in to marinate again.  I guess I need to get myself one of those tofu presses now.  Oh, goody…another kitchen gadget!! 😉

Ralph had to go to a funeral today, so I’m on my own until it’s time to work on the Rummage sale this afternoon.  Lots of things I can do.  I need to use my time wisely!

Happy Friday!!

4 responses to “New ‘Do and Getting It Done

  1. I love making tofu at home. I usually buy the extra firm and grill it on the George Forman (which also presses it a bit) and I cube it up and put it in soup too 🙂 I am coming to rummage this weekend!

  2. valerie andruss

    Consumer Reports just in: the only yogurt that beats Chobani is something called Fage (which has 30 fewer calories as well). Of course it’s all the same to me as I can’t seem to find either one in KC. Nor is there any Locatelli cheese. Or decent dried beef or porkroll – but I digress…

    • I’ve seen the Fage but haven’t tried it. I’m sure it’ll be on sale sometime and I’ll get to it. I don’t think I could exist without my Locatelli. It really is probably the only reason why I haven’t gone vegan. That and cheese in general…but mostly the Locatelli. So sad you can’t get it. Maybe you could order it online? There is a website.

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