Psychedelic Sneakers and Great Tootsie Love!

I had hardly slept at all on Sunday night…no particular reason why, so I was up early working on BCDC.  When Gail woke up, we had our breakfast and waited to hear from Alice that she was up.  When she came over we decided we were all up for the pool.

We got there a little later than we like and there were more people than we like so it was a little tricky trying to do laps.  I was proud of myself…I did six laps for my first time in the pool in a long time.  We didn’t stay long because it turned out that Monday in Pool Cleaning Day! 

After quick showers all around, we were off for the day.

First stop Taco Bell again for a quick lunch.  I did have the hard taco this time to bring my Points down a little.  I’m beginning to realize that keeping my Points down is going to take concentration and perseverance on this trip.  Keeping up my exercise will help, but…

Dinner was at The Island Outpost again.  This time I had the Greek Salad.  Forgot to take a photo when it first came, but the photo  I remembered half way through will give you an indication of how big it was…

Think it qualifies for Bigger Than My Head?!?  It was very tasty!  There is a strange quirk with Greek Salad in Florida…they put potato salad in it!  I had noticed that at another restaurant a few years ago…big old scoop of potato salad in the middle of my Greek Salad!!  I asked our waitress and she said she wasn’t sure but it was a Florida thing.  One good thing because of it.  The dressing came on the side and I didn’t even need to use it because there was enough from the potato salad.  I was certainly satisfied afterwards…I’m still trying to figure out the Points!!

Our afternoon adventure had also included a trip to Beall’s Outlet. It was a fun place with lots of good prices.  I had the most fun in the shoe department.  Lots of crazy sneakers!

Great Fun…but the best…?!?!?

Yes, Folks…they are PURPLE PAISLEY CORDUROY sneakers!!!  Just what every girl needs in her wardrobe!  I love them, they’re so odd I just had to have them!

Another stop on our trip took us to a Dollar Tree where we have been experiencing Great Tootsie Love lately.  We found something new and exciting.  Tropical Tootsie Pops!!


They look like bunches of broccoli all lined up there! The flavors are watermelon, purple passion punch, tangerine!! Pineapple!!! and LEMON-LIME!!  The flavor they told me was only available at Costco!! 

We each bought 4 but since we think they may only be a Florida thing…we’re going back for more!

This is a photo of a happy woman…

I call it Girl With Lemon-Lime Tootsie Pop!

Gail and Alice have promised to give me all of the lemon-lime ones from their packages.  I’m so excited. 🙂

I’m off to find more “Florida Things” and more of these…

Happy Tuesday!!

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