Back Home and Ready to Go

I just checked and I can’t believe I haven’t posted since Tuesday!  I guess that’s not very long for some people, but I do try to post everyday.  The last few days were busy and it will take me a few days to catch up on everything we did in Florida let alone catching up with real life.

There will be a bit of jumping around in my telling of the tale so stick with me, Kids! 😉

We had a relatively easy trip home.  We got to the airport on time, got to the RIGHT gate and even had time for a snack since we hadn’t had lunch.  I cannot believe how limited and expensive the food was at the Tampa Airport.  Philadelphia has so many more choices. 

Gail and I had a hard time find anything that was vegetarian friendly and ended up at Starbucks with huge, quite delicious cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese.  No photo, but along with an iced coffee, I was in heaven.  I realized that I might have been going through coffee withdrawal on this trip.  Not caffeine, just coffee.  No one else really drinks coffee just because they like it.  I’m doing much better now! 😉

Whenever I return from a trip, I’m always happy to see this sight…

The Philadelphia Skyline.  Not a great photo from a moving car, but I knew I was home again.

Our last full day in Florida, we went to visit the Ringling Mansion , Ca’ D’Zan in Sarasota.  It was just incredible!  The pictures don’t do it justice but here are some of them.

Gail at the front gate heading into the visitor’s center.

Ceiling in the Ballroom…

That’s what I want in my house in New Mexico!  Just kidding but it was unbelievable!

Even the bathrooms were amazing…

The inside of every medicine cabinet was painted by a famous artist!  I must have taken about 100 photos so I’ll share some of them in the next few days.  There are too many for one post.

Tourists!!  Me, Gail and Alice

Me on the Tower…what a view!  Clearly, not a good hair day! (it was very windy up there!)

After a long day of touring we were all starving.  We decided that for our last day in Florida we’d go somewhere a little more special.   We went to Johnny’s Italian Restaurant in Clearwater.

This is the kind of place that makes you hungry when you walk in the door just because it smells so good!  The food was delicious too!

Johnny’s amazing bread served hot with herbed olive oil.  Trust me, although I had been trying to be good on the trip…I ate my share!

A very tasty salad that I was able to get with just balsamic vinegar.

Ziti Primavera.  Oh My Gosh!  This was wonderful and a bit spicy so I really enjoyed it.  It had mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli and garlic.  Delicious!  Probably qualifies for Things Bigger Than My Head!

We declined dessert because we couldn’t finish dinner!  An interesting thing about Johnny’s…there is a huge video screen and they run amazing aerial videos of Italy.  It certainly helps set the mood!  A very enjoyable dinner!

A few last photos of Ca’ D’Zan…the stove in the kitchen…

I could cook on that!!  (not so sure!)

Another shot of the front gate…I love this one…

Now to make a valiant attempt to get back into the routine of real life.  I’ll catch you all up on the rest of the adventures in a few days.  Now I have to focus on my most important task…getting sorted and packed and ready for the move.  You’ve heard that before, right?  The process must move faster!!!

Happy Thursday!!

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