Egg-ceptional Days

After exercising on Friday, Ralph suggested that we go out to eat.  I was thinking breakfast, he thought lunch, so we compromised.  I had breakfast, he had lunch all at the Gateway Diner.  I had my new favorite, eggs with sliced tomatoes and rye toast with no butter.

I wanted to stay on track for the day because Saturday morning would find me weighing in at Weight Watchers. 

The afternoon brought trips to the Goodwill and Dollar Tree with Gail and Alice.  We love looking for bargains and these are the kinds of places we find ourselves.  I got a few treasures which I’ll get into in the next few days.

Probably because I didn’t actually have breakfast and had breakfast for lunch, I was hungry for dinner earlier than usual.  Ralph had his leftovers from lunch which only required heating up so he was taken care of.  I made myself one of my standard salads.

Romaine, spring mix, tomato and green bell pepper.

Topped with Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burgers and Ken’s Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette.  Very good and very filling.

Snacking could have gotten out of control.  For some reason I was starving.  But this is where a little effort on one day can yield a big benefit on another.  I had lots of fruit, cut up, ready and available.  I had a big bowl of it and later, when I still had a craving for something, I had a little more and I stayed on track.  Hooray to Weight Watchers for making Fruit Free!!!

So what did all of that fruit-eating afford me???  A one pound weight loss at WW this morning!   🙂  I was so excited.  That brought me down to the weight I had been when we were in Florida.  The weight I had not experienced for a Very Long time.  I was excited to be sure. 

After WW, I didn’t have much time for celebration.  Today our town was having a town wide yard sale.  Because of that and because our next date for the Rummage Sale would be Fourth of July weekend and probably not a good idea, we had the sale today.  What a good idea!  There were lists made of all the locations participating and the Church was on the list.  We had so much traffic that sometimes we could hardly keep up.  The great thing is that now a lot of people who didn’t know about the monthly sale, now know about it and it will help us for future sales.

The really cool thing is that we made almost twice what we’ve made in the past.  I didn’t even have time to take any photos, because there was no goofing around.  But believe me, it was a great day.

When I got home, Ralph suggested I call Ele and we go to lunch.  I was pretty hungry since all I’d had this morning was coffee, a banana and a Luna Bar (Toasted Nuts n’ Cranberry, which was quite yummy!)

We wanted quick and easy.  We gathered up Ele and headed to Picasso’s Pizza.

Ralph waiting patiently.

Ralph looking serious with his pizza, which he and Ele both had.  I wanted it, but I’m trying hard to be good and I could get something I really love for fewer Points and less fat.

One of my favorites…pepper and egg sandwich with American cheese.  Delicious and filling!  Reminds me of my Mom.

Me and Ele…no we didn’t intend to dress like twins, just happens sometimes!! 🙂

Overall, it was a very good day.  Little Michael should be with us for the next few days, so we’re all looking forward to that. 

I’m tired now and I need a nap and a few more episodes of NCIS.  Gail has me hooked on this show.  I love it!  Plus I’m trying to finish a book.  I WILL finish it tonight.  Well, I hope I will…;-)

Happy Saturday!

2 responses to “Egg-ceptional Days

  1. valerie andruss

    peppers and eggs!! how many years has it been??? And now that you’ve told me about scrambled eggs w/tomatoes and dry rye toast, it’s become one of my favorites, too.

    • Just a little service I provide! Glad you’re enjoying it! The pepper and egg sandwiches at this restaurant are just the best!! I got Gail and Alice started on them and they order them there all the time!

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