25 Burgers and One For Me!

I think I’ve finally mastered overnight oats in a jar (OOIAJ).  When I’ve tried it previously, I only added almond milk, I didn’t add Greek yogurt.  I think that was the trick.

This is an inside look!  I actually ate half of it before exercising, but it was very filling so I left the second half for after.

I decided I’d add some cinnamon to pump up the flavor a bit.

It really added to the flavor.  Next time I need to add it from the start.  I didn’t have any fruit to add and that would have made it even better.  As I say it was very filling, if I add fruit, it may turn into breakfast AND lunch!  Very good and I didn’t end up heating it in the microwave.  It would be a great trick to have up your sleeve for a travel day.  Have it ready and just grab before you go.  I’ll file that for future.

Have you ever noticed how some buildings that house restaurants somehow seem doomed.  One will open and then close in a short time, then another will open and then close and on and on…

There are several buildings in Woodbury like that.  The KFC turned into a Popeye’s.  The Taco Bell turned into an AT&T store. 😦  The building I’m speaking of started as I think a Burger King years ago.  There was a pizza place and then a fancier Italian restaurant.  In my opinion, I think it’s finally found it’s niche.

Let me tell you about 25 Burgers.  From what I know about it, it’s a chain of just 4 restaurants, but boy is the food good!  We’d been passing it saying that we needed to look it up on-line.  Since Gail and I are both vegetarians, we always wonder what we’ll eat at a place like this.  One day last week, we decided to stop and ask.  We didn’t think they were even open that early in the day but I ran in and asked the magic question, “Do you have veggie burgers?” The answer was “Yes” and not only do they have a veggie burger, they will prepare it in any of their 25 ways for you.  Not all because many of them have other types of added meat, but there are lots of options.

The decor is fun, with old movie star photos and great oldies music playing!

The basic veggie burger is the Athens Veggie Burger.  It uses the Original Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Patty.  They add feta cheese, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and red onion on a multi-grain bun with Tzatziki sauce.  I actually think I got their onion bun.  Whatever it was it was DELICIOUS!!! 

Look at that…

Just look at it!!  It was so good and so filling.  They didn’t skimp on the feta which I thought they might.  It was great.  Ralph had suggested I order sweet potato fries with it because he knows I like them.  I didn’t because I was trying to be good. I’m glad I didn’t because I couldn’t have eaten them! 

The meatasauruses said that their burgers were really good, too.  Alice got regular fries and I sampled a few for quality control and they were Very good.  They’re seasoned but not too much.  Definitely worth an indulgence if I want to make it sometime.  Bet the sweet potato fries are just as good! 😉

The prices range from $6.50-$8.00 for a burger. Sides are extra.  It’s a little pricey for this area, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting them.  The burgers are Very good. They did a brisk business while we were there.

Brisk being the operative word because my only complaint is that it was Freezing in there.  I need to remember to bring a sweater the next time. (I didn’t say it would keep me away!)

Give 25 Burgers a try.  You certainly won’t have to eat the same thing every time you go.  Even the vegetarians have a choice! 🙂

We had a really good time there and I’d go back again! 🙂

Off to start the day.  Doctor appointments for both Ralph and Me.  Then we see where we go from there!

Happy Tuesday!

4 responses to “25 Burgers and One For Me!

  1. Dr. Praegers burgers are amazing! And speaking of doctors, I hope that you and Ralph get a clean bill of health today! Happy Tuesday to you as well.

  2. Came to your through the Actor’s Diet blog (I like your blog handle!) and this post gave me an idea- I’m looking for unique burger places for a road trip and this one sounds like it’s worth investigating. Thanks for posting! 🙂

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