A Day At The Park

Our day started out with Ralph’s visit to the dentist for a filling.  We both love our dentist, Dr. Sharon Verdinelli and even though there may be a little anxiety involved, there’s never any pain.

Dr. Sharon Verdinelli

You just know she’s not going to hurt you!  She’s great.  I’ve known Sharon since she was a teenager.  Her Mom, Joyce who runs the office was a client of mine when I was first a travel agent, more years ago than I think I’ll count at the moment! 😉  They’re all terrific at the office and treat their patients like family.  The Best!

When Ralph was finished, it was such a beautiful day, he suggested we grab some lunch and go to the park to eat.  Not a problem, I love to do that and it was a perfect day for it.  We grabbed lunch at Picasso’s and we were on our way.

When I say “the Park” I’m talking about the Red Bank Battlefield Park which is located on the Delaware River at the end of National Park, the town where we live.  Our family has a long-standing love for this park.  If I were to start talking about its place in my childhood and adult life, I could go on for hours.  It is a truly wonderful place and I’ll tell some of the stories as time goes on.

For today it was a great spot to have lunch.  There  are 2 pavilions for picnics and Ralph and I chose the one closet to the parking lot hoping that one might be quieter than the other one.  It was quiet and wonderful.

Lunch to go…

Ralph trying not to cooperate, but I got him anyway! 😉

Me ready to dig in!  We had a great time!

After lunch we went home and Ralph was feeling a little punky after his filling so he opted for a nap.  I had a chiropractor appointment soon so I was off to meet Gail and Alice for that.  This was my first to visit Dr. Maureen Wojciechowski.  Gail and Alice have been seeing her for many years.  She was terrific and I’m starting to feel better already!

After we were finished we stopped back at Gail’s house for a while.  While I was there, I got a text from Ele asking if I wanted to take a walk.  Since I hadn’t exercised, it sounded like a good idea to me!

Where shall we go…The Park!  Over the years, so much work has been done at the Park to make it  a great place to go.  There’s a beautiful walking trail along the river.

Kite flying!

The James and Ann Whitall House.  Very cool place, very cool history.

Two Sisters on a pier!  Tried to get the skyline behind, but…ah well…I keep working on it!

It was a great day and the weather was perfect.  As the summer progresses, I think we’ll try to make more use of the Park.  It’s so beautiful and a wonderful treasure to have grown up with in our back yard. 

Off to get some exercise and then grocery shopping.  I need to stock up on Everything!

Happy Thursday!!! 🙂



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