No Chips For You

Life is painful sometimes and filled with obstacles.  Sometimes we need to learn the lesson that things we want we just can’t have.  Sometimes we have to make the decision that even though we can have it, we shouldn’t.

That is my life with chips.  Any kind of chips…they are the bane of my existence.  I love them and I hate them all at the same time.

I remember talking about this with my Weight Watchers members in the days when I was still leading classes.  I remember telling them that if you’re having a problem with over eating a particular food, sometimes you just have to stop eating it for a while until you feel more in control. 

I had done that myself when I was losing my weight.  I learned that the “red light” foods as WW calls them would get me if I allowed them in the house.  I lived with my Mom while I was losing my weight and for a few years after.  I loved my Mom, but often wanted to strangle her because she always brought things in the house that I liked and had a hard time resisting. 

I would walk in the door and there on the kitchen counter would be the familiar pink and white box from Dunkin’ Donuts.  “Oh, your aunts brought them over,” she’d tell me.  Couldn’t convince her that I didn’t mind if she had them, I just would appreciate it if she’d keep them out of sight.  She was such a sweetheart.  We actually lost our weight together and I know that the fact that we had each other to rely on helped us both.

So the same is true with chips.  I’m fine if I don’t have them around the house.  Over the last several years I have really been struggling to keep myself at goal and remain Free at WW.  I’m proud to say I’m mostly under control now and not only am I at goal, I’m 4.5 pounds under goal!  I’ve been working hard and will continue to do it.

I decided that for Lent, I would bite the bullet (how many Points would that be??) and give up chips.  I announced it loudly and clearly to any and all of the people in my life who needed to know it.  I was proud of myself and as the days ticked off toward Easter Sunday, I felt strong and confident that I could accomplish that goal.

I’m proud to say that I did it! In the process, I started to see that my weight evened out and I was solidly below goal.  One of my issues was that I’d use that old WW unwritten rule that the day of your weigh-in is “free.”  Eat what you want…that’s where the chips would sneak in.  During Lent, no sneaking in of chips.  Since no sneaking in of chips, no trouble on the scale. 

So Bravely and perhaps Foolheartedly, I decided that if I could do it for Lent, I could do it for good. Am I a Fool to think I can do this??  Probably.  There are pitfalls.  Even though I’ve clearly stated to Ralph that I’m not eating chips, he keeps trying to buy them for me.  In fact as a welcome home treat after my trip to Florida, he bought me a big bag of Sun Chips which are probably my favorite.  I reminded him that I’m not eating chips.  He was sad-faced at that and said he’d hide them.  He doesn’t like Sun Chips so I couldn’t just suggest he eat them himself. 

He did hide them and I truly DIDN’T go looking for them.  I was looking for something else and found them.  I’ve known where they are for several weeks now but haven’t been tempted.  I thought I’d drag them out for a photo-op…

There they are.  The tricky thing is that their new compostable bags, although a great idea, are the noisiest things imaginable!  I needed to get them from their hiding place without Ralph knowing.  It wasn’t easy with the crackling ringing through the house! 

They’re back in their comfy home again, unscathed by the adventure.  I am also unscathed.  My main problem with Sun Chips is they keep bringing out all of these new flavors that sound amazing.  Just now, when I looked up their website to add the link, what do I find…Jalapeno Jack!!  Thanks a lot guys.  Guess I’ll have to add that to my list of Things I Didn’t Need To Know Existed.  😦  Sigh…

Happy Friday!! 🙂  (And by the way… it is 134 days since I’ve had chips…Not that I’m counting!!)

8 responses to “No Chips For You

  1. I sent you an article about chips…let me know what you think of what it has to say.

  2. Chips are a major danger food for me too. We don’t keep them in the house, which helps…but sometimes we’ll buy a bag on a movie night, and those things keep finding their way into my mouth until the bag is empty. Yesterday was a day like that for me. Luckily that’s only once a month or so!

    • Excactly why I’ve decided to keep them out! I can have a lot more popcorn and do a lot less damage. That’s my saving grace these days…Orville Redenbachers 94% fat free butter flavor. Love it!

  3. Ugh, that is tough! Kudos to you for sticking with your goal! That has to feel so good 🙂 My husband likes to “spoil” me like that as well and it is so hard to say no when its a gift, so the fact that you have stuck to your goal and triumphed!! You deserve to congratulate yourself for sure!!

    • Thanks so much, MeAgan! I feel good that I’ve been able to hang on. I plan to continue because I want to stick with my goal and be Free at Weight Watchers. Best of luck with Cocoa and Cardio! I e-mailed you because your site would not allow me to make a comment. Hope to hear from you again!

  4. valerie andruss

    And if you manage to leave them in hiding long enough, they’ll go rancid on you and problem solved! Now repeat after me: I will not move the Sun Chips to New Mexico…

    • I will NOT move the Sun Chips to New Mexico…I will NOT move the Sun Chips to New Mexico… That’s exactly what I’ll do…then I can throw them out in the yard and they will be the squirrel’s problem!

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