Tai Chi…Cha Cha Cha

That probably sounds rather flippant and I don’t mean it to be, just joking… 😉

Tai Chi is a serious thing with hundreds of years of tradition behind it.  Now that I’ve experienced it for the first time, I plan to do a little research on it.

I was so excited to have the chance to try it out yesterday.  I got to the class not really sure what to expect.  The fact is that the other people in the class have been doing it for months so I was pretty lost.  The instructor was very sweet with a very calming personality.  She told me and the other new member of the class to just watch, try the movements if we felt comfortable and in time we would learn. 

As it turns out the current members of the class are all at different levels of learning so some knew more of the movements than others.  I felt that I did pretty well for my first class.  I followed the movements and it really is an energizing experience.  The tricky part comes (until you get to know the movements) when you have to turn your back on the instructor in the course of the movements.  I’m sure that will all work out when I become more familiar with the moves.  I enjoyed it.  I have to wait 2 weeks for another class because the instructor is on vacation next week. 😦   I look forward to going back in 2 weeks.

The afternoon took me to my chiropractor’s office for an adjustment.  She had been on vacation last week which was why I didn’t go then.  She told me my adjustment had held very well and it looked like I was doing really well.  I know I felt better after just one adjustment.  I now feel even better.  I need to feel better if I’m going to keep up with yoga! 🙂

Ralph and I took the scenic route to and from my appointment.  I love driving through the New Jersey farm land this time of year.  Everything is so green with all of the fields planted and ready to give us their wonderful fruits and vegetables.  In this area, New Jersey really is the Garden State.

Ralph and I both decided we were interested in some coffee and we found ourselves back at Dunkin’ Donuts.  Again…

Meet my new best friend…Captain America!!  It was a nice afternoon treat.  I do need to remember to ask for “not too much” cream the next time.  Can’t believe how big their medium is.

I don’t know why but I really felt like a more substantial dinner last night.  Ralph was thrilled to finish off the chicken salad I had made for him.  I do a pretty good job at that…for a vegetarian… 😉

Dinner really couldn’t have been simpler.  I cooked up some brown rice in veggie broth…

Sautéed an onion in some olive oil…

Added a cup of my own black beans and a can of Aldi’s diced tomatoes

Topped it with shredded cheese and it was delicious!  It’s so strange.  I don’t know why I wanted something like that on such a hot day, I just did.  It truly did the trick.  It was delicious and I was so full, I didn’t snack at all except for a Tangerine Tootsie Pop.  Love it!

Not sure what’s on the agenda today.  I have some fruit out in the kitchen that I need to wrestle.  I do so much better when I have the fruit prepared for quick snacks.  Hooray for free fruit on Weight Watchers!

There’s also overnight oats in my future…YUM!! 🙂

Happy Thursday!!  Yipes!  I need to put out the trash!!

6 responses to “Tai Chi…Cha Cha Cha

  1. Maybe I should try a similar dinner tonight because I need help curbing my after dinner snacking habit! It looks delicious!!

  2. Bettysue Long

    LOL.You are soooo cute.I took Tai Chi-Cha Cha Cha in college and loved it.Intention is what it is all about so your humor is wonderful….

  3. Officially added to my “Need to Make Soon” recipe list! Looks awesome. Summer day be darned. Side note… I couldn’t find diced tomatoes at Aldi’s last time I went! Good to know they have them, for next time.

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