Jersey Fresh

After my success at Weight Watchers on Saturday, the “tribe” Pat, Debbie, Kristen and I headed out to some local farm markets.  We had decided this last week at our breakfast meeting and it was the perfect day for it.  Blue sky, clear air (not always available in New Jersey!!) and comfortable temperatures (ditto!)  Pat planned it out because this girl knows her farm markets!

The Garden State has a well deserved reputation and yesterday it certainly lived up to the name!

Our first stop was Grasso Girls Farm Market in Mullica Hill.  (They made me drive PAST the county library with the sale going on to get here…not that I’m bitter…)  It was my first time at Grasso Girls…I never get past the library! 😉

Kristen and Pat shopping.

The Beauty and the Bounty.  Can you believe the colors and the freshness?!?  It’s quite an experience!

A wonderful corner cabinet filled with kitchen-y doodads…I Love It, it needs to live in my house in New Mexico!!

My haul, nectarines yummy…already tried one, zucchini, Chinese eggplant and a very cool eggplant, I forget what it is! 😦

Next stop, Moods Farm Market also in Mullica Hill. 

World Famous for their “pick your own” blueberries, strawberries and peaches.

I spy my favorite…blackberries…one of these lives at my house now…but NOT for long… 😉

They have wonderful recipes posted on the walls.  I guess you have to stand there to write them down, but we didn’t have the time for that.  Maybe I can read them off of the photos! 😉

All of my beauties waiting to be devoured…mmmm…The eggplants are so cool, they look like they were spray-painted!

My favorite photo of the day is coming up.  Pat and Kristen decided to buy and split a 20 pound container of blueberries.  It’s cheaper that way and makes a lot of sense.  Pat thought that Kristen and I were separating the berries.  Unbeknownst to Pat, Kristen had purchased one of the apple cider donuts that they make at Moods and are incredible (a little bag of them landed in my bag to go home to Ralph.)  I thought it would be fun to take a photo of Kristen sneaking her goodie.  As I did, Pat walks up behind and can be seen saying in disgust…”Is Kristen eating a Donut?!?”

Yes, She’s Eating A Donut!!

It was such a fun adventure and it is the kind of thing I’ll miss when we leave New Jersey.  I’ll just have to plan a visit back during the summer so that I can still have the experience.  Silver City, where we’re moving does have a fabulous farmer’s market each Saturday May through October.  You’ll be hearing all about that when we get out there this fall.  I Can’t Wait!!

More adventures later in the day, but I’ll save that for tomorrow!  Not sure what’s on the agenda today.  Looks like a beautiful day out…who know what could happen!!

Happy Sunday!

7 responses to “Jersey Fresh

  1. valerie andruss

    I SO MISS the NJ farmer’s markets!!

    And just a reminder that you need to go to Silver city by way of KC and stop off for a couple of days…

  2. Actually, Pat was saying “Is Kristen eating a donut” with disgust AND envy, lots and lots of envy. The photo os hysterical. Please email me a jpeg. I had fun. What’s our next adventure?

    • Sorry for the misquote!! Our next adventure…in looking up Mood’s web-site to put in the link I noticed that there is craft show there on August 6. But I just realized that’s the next rummage sale. 😦 Well, maybe we could make a quick visit and I could get back for the sale. We can talk about it. I really enjoyed yesterday!

  3. 20 pounds of blueberries? Oh my, I would be in heaven! I swear!

    We are so close by! I am right over the bridge in NYC. And yes, the weather is lovely.

    So glad your WW weigh-in went well! Congratulations to you!!

  4. Eeeeeehehehehehe perfect.

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