Weekend Meld

I knew I couldn’t keep myself away from the county library book sale.  I gave Ralph the option of going or not going.  I knew I’d have company because I Knew I could convince my lovely sister, Ele to go along.  Ralph said yes, we piled into the car, picked up Ele and we were off!!

It is always an overwhelming site to me.  So many books donated by so many people.  It’s usually a twice a year thing, July and October.  Sometimes they sneak one in in March too.  We Love when they do that! 😉  You can really feel the shared love of books when you’re here.

I Love this next photo of Ralph.  I didn’t intend for him to be in the picture, it just happened, but it’s so funny!

It’s almost as if he’s saying, “What?  I’m not doin’ anything…”  It’s so cute!  What you can’t see in this photo is the empty bag on his arm that eventually got SO full of books that I could barely lift it to move it in the car.  He must have gotten 15 or 20 books, I didn’t look in the bag.  It’s still sitting in the living room.  I have NO clue where in the house these books will eventually land.  **Sigh**

I was much more restrained.

Only bought 4.  I was all ready to dig into the Jennifer Weiner book when I realized it’s a book of short stories.  I’ve never been a big fan, so I guess I’ll save it for when I have nothing else to read.  The one titled “Women Who Love Books Too Much” is a sort of history of women writers.  The kind of thing you can read one entry at a time and get to know a little about them.  I’m looking forward to that one.

After the sale we traveled about a 3 blocks away to the Harrison House in Mullica Hill.  Wasn’t sure what I was interested in, then Ele found the Neptune Salad.  We couldn’t figure out why it was called that.  We decided it’s because you can add a crab cake to it if you like.  We both had it as is, romaine, tomatoes, carrots, hard-boiled eggs, green bell pepper, olives and feta cheese.

With balsamic vinaigarette…we cleaned our plates!

Sunday Morning Ralph and I decided on breakfast out because we’re about to celebrate an almost anniversary which I’ll talk about more later. We found ourselves at a very busy Gateway Diner.  I was a little more hungry so I decided on a broccoli omelette with sliced tomatoes.

Very tasty and filling.  I didn’t ask for cheese in the omelette but I had an idea.  I asked the waitress for the parmesan cheese for pasta.  Sprinkled some over the omelette and it had a nice cheesy flavor without all of the fat and Points I’d have to use.  Love it when I come up with something like that!

When we got home I settled in to a Law And Order: SVU marathon, but then Ralph said the magic words…”Let’s go to Ice Cream Kids!”

Our very favorite local ice cream spot.

My personal bowl of yumminess…Butter Almond topped with Chocolate Chip Mint.  So Good!! That’s my real treat for the week!  If I’m going to be “flexible” with my Points, I want to spend them on something worth it.  This…was worth it!

One last photo taken outside of the library.  Pretty flowers!!  Echinacea…I think.

Finished off the evening with the rest of the SVU marathon and finishing off “Unbearable Lightness.”   Interesting book.  I need to let in stew around in my brain for a bit, but then I’ll talk about it. 

Started A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan this morning.

A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan: Book Cover

Supposed to be good…winning the Pulitzer Prize and all.  We’ll see…I’ll keep you posted!

Today is the 20th anniversary of the day that Ralph and I decided that we “liked” each other.  It’s sounds goofy to say it that way and it’s such a long story, but we’re going to do something to celebrate today, not sure yet what it will be.  Wow…20 years…scary…

Happy Monday!!

6 responses to “Weekend Meld

  1. So. Many. Books. Swoon!

  2. Happy 20th! Wouldn’t it be great to go back to that day? Everything was so much simpler. So awesome that you found your soulmate.

    I’d be interested in reading Portia’s book. Several of the other girls blamed “Alley McBeal” for their anorexia. I’d like to see if she felt the same way. Callista Flockhart was just naturally thin and yet they all seemed to think that they had to be as thin as her. You can’t change your genes. You and I may be sisters but I will never be as tall as you no matter how hard I try and you will never be as petite as me. It just is what it is. But I really like Portia. I heard her say that once she met Ellen a lot of her body issues just seemed to fade away. That’s what happens when you are accepted for who you are inside and not judged for your exterior. You really can’t tell a book by it’s cover. (rounding back to books!)

  3. valerie andruss

    Happy 20th from me, too! Isn’t it amazing how fast it slides by??

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