A Diner I Don’t Know About?!?

To celebrate my success at Weight Watchers on Saturday, my lovely friend Eleni from my WW meeting invited me to lunch to celebrate.  I thought that was a great idea and we made plans for Wednesday.  I thought we’d go somewhere nearby but I had forgotten that Eleni’s parents own a diner and so we were off to The New Berlin Diner in, where else, Berlin!

I used to pass it on the way to meetings when I was still working.  I recognized it right away.  I never had the opportunity to stop.  So glad I had the chance this time!

Eleni with our little partner in crime, 2-year-old Yianna!  She’s SO adorable.  I think she was very well-behaved for a 2-year-old.  The big tub of crayons that Ya Ya gave her helped a lot!

Yianna with her Ya Ya, Eleni’s Mom, Mrs. Haloulos.  What a sweet lady!  Eleni gave me a tour of the kitchen and I got to meet her Dad who was cooking away.

An interesting item that Eleni pointed out on the menu,  vegetable and egg white omelette with sliced tomatoes!! Someone stole my idea!!  I think it’s great that they have such a healthy offering.  Great minds think alike?? 😉

The menu is extensive and there were a number of choices I could have had but I figured I should stick with my Greek Salad Tour of North America and have…Greek Salad!  Luckily, the menu stated there were anchovies so I was able to ask for them to be left off.   

When my salad came I had to stand up to get a picture of it, that’s how big it was!  (Bigger Than My Head??)  Chock full of all the good things you expect: tomatoes, romaine, red onion, hard-boiled eggs, cucumber, Greek olives and feta cheese.  No potato salad…:-(   Eleni was asking me about the potato salad that I encountered in Greek salads everywhere in Florida.  I suppose I need to go back so I can find out where that tradition originated.  Research is necessary! 😉

I also got to taste a wonderful side dish that Eleni’s Dad had just freshly made: zucchini in tomato sauce with dill!!  It was just delicious!

I learned something important during that lunch.  Greek families are a lot like Italian families…They like to feed you!  Since I couldn’t finish my salad, I was taking that home, but they also insisted I take something for Ralph (a turkey wrap with fries which he later declared yummy!) and a container of the zucchini. What a great time we had.

Dinner for Ralph was his turkey wrap, for me my left over salad.  I just realized I didn’t mention the dressing.  So many times when you ask for the dressing on the side with a Greek salad, it’s either too much vinegar or too much oil.  This was perfect and perfectly seasoned.  I still have some left which will be tasty on my next home-made salad!  I have to think of what to do with my zucchini!  Can’t wait!

You know it’s hard for me to resist cuteness, so I’ll leave you with one more photo of the star of the day, Yianna…It was hard to get her to hold still but this turned out pretty well…

It was a great time and a great celebration.  If you’re in this area, you should definitely go to The New Berlin Diner…It’s the Best!

I hope to get to see my own package of cuteness today or tomorrow…Little Michael is coming for a visit!  So excited to see him!

Happy Thursday!!

8 responses to “A Diner I Don’t Know About?!?

  1. I, as you well know, am not a vegimatarion, such as your self, however I believe the item 6 spaces up from your luscious looking healthy meal the health omlet is a bit overboard. Scrapple with pork roll, is even too much for my sensibilities. Does a cardiologist sit with you while you eat it???

  2. congrats on your weight watchers success 🙂

  3. Oh, she really is cute! And your salad looks really good. I’m actually surprised that I’m craving it, since I’m really NOT a salad-lover…but I’d eat some of that one!

  4. 🙂 Adorable! We should make the trek there sometime soon so I can wonder at the delicious Greek things, too.

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