Putting The Rrrr In Random

Ralph and I spent a long morning at his cardiologist’s office while he had a stress test.  There’s lots of waiting around.  The good thing was I got to read while waiting.  The bad thing is I had to try to read while Let’s Make a Deal and The Price is Right were blasting in my ear.  I can block out some distractions, but…

Anyway, when it was all over (results to follow) we were both starved.  The Colonial Diner was 2 blocks away so that sounded like the obvious choice.  We both were in the mood for breakfast so…

The veggie omelette which had green peppers, onions and mushrooms with my side of sliced tomatoes!  Delicious!

Ralph in his lovely new shirt that I got at a thrift store on the way back from the chiropractor on Wednesday.  They were having a summer clothing sale…EVERTHING was $1!! How can you argue with that?!?  I got 2 for him.

Now you must understand that Ralph hates when Ele and I or Gail and Alice and I talk about our wonderful thrift store deals.  He thinks we shouldn’t talk about what we paid for things.  Mr. No Bargain Talk had at least 4 people at the doctor’s office tell him how nice the shirt was.  What did he do…told them that I got it at a thrift store for $1!!  Then our waitress at the diner complimented him, too…”Thanks, my wife got it for a dollar at a thrift store.”  Perhaps we’re moving him over to the Dark Side, or perhaps The Thrifty Side!!

I knew that my favorite little side kick, Little Michael, was visiting Ele.  I dropped Ralph off at home because he needed to rest after his stress test.  Here he is, the star of our show…

Playing an on-line Star Wars game on Grummy’s computer.  He’s very good at it.  I just love his little boy boney body.  He’s such a cutie!

Speaking of Grummy Ele, she always comes through.  I had been talking about how I wanted to get a grill pan to grill my veggies.  When I got to her house she asked if I had seen the present on my back step.  I hadn’t because I dropped Ralph off and came right to her house.  This was my present…

A wonderful grill pan that Ele got at Aldi’s!!  Gail had told me they had them on sale, but I hadn’t had the chance to get one.  Good thing Ele got it because there were only 2 left.  As Ele said, she didn’t know where the other one was going, but this one was coming home with her!!  So excited to get a chance to use it!

Ele comes through #2…I’ve been using a regular Mason jar for my overnight oats in a jar.  It works well, but it’s a little tricky eating from the small mouth jar.   I am now the proud owner of…

…a Wide Mouth jar for my oats.  So excited…I’m excited a lot today!  So, Thanks, Ele for my wonderful treats!! 🙂

Anyway I really am excited.  I’m going back to Florida to visit Gail and Alice.  In order to get the best fares, I have to leave SOON.  We have one weekend in the middle of August that is chock full of stuff and I didn’t want to be away too close to when we have to leave on our big trip in September, so Monday is the day!!  I’ll be away for about 10 days again.  I’m looking forward to going, but I’ll miss Ralph.  It will give him time, though to work on some things he can do better when I’m not underfoot.

Thank goodness I’ve almost completed NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month.  It’s not always easy to get my posts done when I’m away, I learned that on the last trip to Florida.  But I’ll be finished on Sunday.  I’m proud of myself for taking this to completion.  It’s been a lot of fun!

I now have a ton of things to do over the next few days so I’d better get to it. 

Happy Friday!! 🙂

8 responses to “Putting The Rrrr In Random

  1. If you are leaving in September I hope we can find a time to see each other before you go.

    • Thanks, Ginny. We’re not leaving for good. We go to Ralph’s Army reunion in Colorado Springs and then down to NM for a few weeks. We’ll be back, but of course we’d love to see you whenever possible!

  2. valerie andruss

    what a great day!

  3. I will miss you, too! A second little impromptu trip to Florida sounds awfully nice, though.

  4. Argh…I cannot read when there’s noise. I like a quiet, quiet place to read. Preferably a place where no one’s breathing too loudly. Ha! Sounds like an exciting trip coming up!

    • Stephanie! I would rather be in a padded room with no one to bother me, but of course that rarely happens. I can block out 2 things, but if it gets to 3 things that need blocking…I’m a goner. 😦

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