The Case of the Forgetful Food Blogger

In the last 2 days I’ve had 2 really yummy dinners…However, my brain was so addled that I didn’t photograph either of them!! 😦

Thursday night I finally got around to using the wonderful baked zucchini I had gotten at the New Berlin Diner on Wednesday.  I cooked up some brown rice with a few spices.  I really should have used veggie broth, but since I’m going away, I didn’t want it open in the fridge for that long without a chance to use it.

After the rice was cooked, I mixed about a cup and a half with the heated up zucchini and topped it with Locatelli cheese.  It was one of those comfort meals that I didn’t realize I was craving, but I was.  It was very satisfying.

Now when I cooked the rice, I have no idea where my brain was…I made twice the amount I needed but it turned into a good thing because I had leftovers.  Friday night I was trying to come up with something to eat.  I had no veggie burgers left, no beans left.  I found a Gardein chicken cutlet in the freezer which I thawed. 

A regular romaine, tomato, green pepper salad with the chicken cutlet added sounded good.  Then I remembered the rice.  In my efforts to try to clean out the fridge before I go to Florida, I thought I’d try something.  I added garlic powder, ground black pepper and dried basil.  I microwaved for a minute or so and added it to my salad.  I used the leftover Greek salad dressing also from Wednesday, added some sunflower seeds and of course, Locatelli cheese!!

I have to tell you…It was DELICIOUS!!  I had never thought about adding rice to a salad but it was just wonderful.  As I was eating, I thought that I should try this with quinoa because then I’d be getting some added protein.  Looks like there will be some experimenting going on when I get back from Florida!! 😉

So no photos, but some good news.  At Weight Watchers today, I gained half a pound.  Actually, it could be a quarter pound, but with their strange method of calculating…I don’t know!!  Anyway, I only gained a bit which was great for me. I was a little concerned I wouldn’t be able to hold on to last weeks’ loss but apparently I did!  Makes me very happy especially going into another trip.  Next week will be WW in Clearwater and continued efforts to stay on track.

My focus today and tomorrow is to get ready to leave on Monday.  I’m looking forward to this trip.  It’ll be great to see Gail and Alice again, but of course I’ll miss Ralph. 😦

Tonight we’ll be having dinner with Ele and Little Michael.  It’s always so much fun when he’s around.  He’s the best little guy.  That means there Will be photos tomorrow because you all know how much I love to take His photo!

I found one photo I haven’t used.  We have a cute little family of chipmunks living in our back yard.  They tend to move fast, so it’s tricky trying to get a shot of them.  Here’s one I was able to snag…

They are just too cute and I love to share them with all of you.

Off to see what my Saturday will hold…

Happy Saturday!!!  🙂

6 responses to “The Case of the Forgetful Food Blogger

  1. Chipmunks are so cool! Much cooler than squirrels who are – in my formerly urban city-dweller opinion – actually kind of creepy. I like eating cold flavoured rice…I call it salad and don’t even bother with the greens. Ha!

    • I need to take a photo of the little stuffed chipmunk Ralph just got me…too cute!! I never thought about the rice in the salad before, but I think quinoa will be the way to go to get some more protein in! Hope you’re settling in is going well!!

  2. I love rice and can eat it day and night. I always make extra and pop in the freezer! It’s a fabulous way to save time.

    I hope you have a fantastic trip! And I am intrigued by locatelli cheese…

    • Hi Ameena! Actually Locatelli is the brand name of the cheese. They type of cheese is pecorino romano. Our family usually refers to it as “stinky feet cheese.” It has a strong aroma, but it is delicious! I never thought of making extra rice and freezing it. I guess it’s just like having my beans ready and on hand. Anything you do ahead makes life easier!! Gotta keep telling myself that so I remember!! 😉

      I’m looking forwad to the trip. I’ll keep posting, so you’ll hear all about it. I’ll feel a little guilty though knowing you’re fasting. 😦 Take care!

  3. valerie andruss

    Love the chipmunk!

    Much to my extreme annoyance, there is no Locatelli cheese in Kansas City. Really like cheese; may have to mail order some.

    Speaking of zucchini, made a WW online recipe tonight: zucchini, garlic & orange. Yum.

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