Happy To Be Home Again

My last night in Clearwater found us at the Whistlestop Bar and Grill in Safety Harbor.  This is one of our favorite spots because you can sit outside and they have live music.  Wednesday night was open mic night.  I hate to be harsh but I would have been happier if there had been NO music.  Fortunately…the food was good!

We started out with corn poppers.  They’re tiny little corn fritters…so sweet and tasty.  In an effort to be good, I only ate 3, but they were delicious.

My choice for dinner was a veggie wrap made with their veggie burger, grilled veggies and cheese.  I can’t find it on their menu now but I know I ate it…I have pictures to prove it!!

On the side I got the black-eyed pea salad that I need to duplicate.  It is very tasty, well spiced, but not overly spicy.  Yum.  I hadn’t had this wrap there before and it was very good.  I guess on Wednesday, I was the wrap Queen!! 😉

Fortunately on Thursday morning the skies had cleared and there was no rain.  But there was an accident on the highway that would take us to the Tampa Airport.  We were all up and ready and we were out of the house by 8:45am.  We got to the airport without any issues.

We got there at 9:30 and by 9:40 I was through security!  I was amazed and grateful for that.  I don’t mind sitting there waiting because I can always read, but I hate standing in those lines. Everyone was pleasant which helped enormously! 🙂

Again, another uneventful flight…Thank You, Southwest Airlines…and the flight landed early as their flights always seem to do.  Ralph and I had a little mix up…I had asked him to meet me at departures because at the Philadelphia airport it’s easier for cars to stop.  I had only carry on luggage so that made the most sense.  He ended up at arrivals and there was an accident in his way when he tried to come back around. 

I only waited a few minutes longer than I might have so it was not a problem.  Especially because of how beautiful it was when I came out of the building.  Clear skies, and a beautiful, almost cool breeze!  A wonderful welcome home gift.

We got home safely and I unpacked.  I’m so proud of myself because when I came home from Florida in June, my suitcase rode in the car with me until 2 days before I left for Florida again. 😦  What a slug I am sometimes!

After Ralph and I had the chance to chat for a while, I went over to visit my sister, Ele to catch up on the what went on while I was gone. 

When I got home, Ralph and I decided we were hungry, but not really hungry.  We were off to the Gateway Diner.  I tried something new this time…an onion omelette.

Of course, I paired it with slice tomatoes and added a sprinkle of black pepper and parmesan cheese.  Just right.  Not too heavy but satisfying.

So here I am at home again with a whirlwind weekend ahead of me. 

Tonight is a bridal shower for Ele’s niece.  Tomorrow is our terrific summer tradition, the Rock A Hula party (still have to come up with something to take with me…Yikes!!) and Sunday is the engagement party to go with the bridal shower!!  Holy Cow!!  So we’ll be busy.  I’m hoping to still be able to post so we’ll see how that goes.

AND…tomorrow morning I have Weight Watchers…I’m hoping that vacation didn’t take me TOO far off track.  We’ll see.  I still feel so good about what I’ve accomplished lately that I think I’ll be ok. 

Happy Busy Friday!!! 🙂

3 responses to “Happy To Be Home Again

  1. Good for your for unpacking! Unpacking is the thing I hate doing the most. Packing for a trip is fun. But unpacking? Ugh!

  2. This looks so yummy. That lead photo is just gorgeous. When I was growing up my parents had a huge garden .

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