BTMH Thursday

Ralph and I were both up early Thursday morning to get ready to go to a funeral.  Funerals are sad and this was no different except that it celebrated a wonderful long life.  Of course, as we left our house, the skies opened up again and we were drenched just getting to the car.

Ralph’s friend, Bob from his days in the detective bureau had always treated us as part of the family.  Because of that we got to be very close with his parents.  When we would go to their parties, Bob’s parents would always grab Ralph and Me to sit with them.  It was always a good idea.  They were both wonderful, gregarious people and I loved listening to their stories.  His Dad passed away a few years back and we were so sorry to hear of his Mom’s passing this weekend.  She was 96 years old and she will be missed.  I feel that it was such a privilege to know Her and Her Husband.  They were the best.

Ralph and I had previous plans to meet his sisters and cousins to celebrate his cousin, Kathie’s birthday.  When we left the visitation, it was too early to go to the restaurant and we didn’t think we could wait for something to eat.  We thought we’d stop at the Gateway Diner for some coffee and a quick snack.

We each had a bagel that definitely qualifies for BTMH (Bigger Than My Head) and cream cheese.  A bit pricey (Point wise) for a Thursday, but I didn’t want a full breakfast.  With coffee, it hit the spot.  Next time, I think I’ll choose an English muffin!

We made a quick trip home because we were still too early.  Lunch was planned at the Adelphia Restaurant for 12:30pm.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have a sort of love/hate relationship with this place.  It moved to the love side yesterday.

Unfortunately, this is not on their regular menu, just the lunch menu.  I think I’ll whine the next time I go to see if I can get it again.  It was a caprese salad.

It was so big…second contender for BTMH today!!  Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh parsley, fresh mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.  It was so good, I almost licked my plate!  Tough trying to figure the Points on this, but I did my best! 😉

Kathie with her Birthday cake!

My slice…again BTMH


But I only ate this much.  Again, how do I count this?!?

The whole gang- George, Me, Kathy, Ralph, John, Maddie, Kathie-the Birthday Girl and Lynne.

Ralph and I were both full and didn’t even think about regular dinner.  Lucky for me, I had made overnight oats but didn’t have time to eat them in the AM.

Perfect for a light dinner!!  I love it!! 

Something legitimately Bigger Than My Head…Kathie’s Happy Birthday balloons.

All in all a good day.  No clue what’s up for today.  Time will tell…

Happy Friday!!

2 responses to “BTMH Thursday

  1. I would say that for today…you just don’t count. Some things – like celebrating 96 years of life – can be more important that worrying about food. And also…how much do I love your new BTMH acronym?!?

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