Big City, Small Town

Ralph and I started out in Philadelphia on Monday.  We had to find an office where he has an appointment this week.  With very little difficulty we found it.  We were told it was directly across the street from the Melrose Diner and that was true!  Made it very easy to find.

The Melrose Diner  ( I forgot to take a photo…) has been in business since 1935 and you can tell it has that old-time diner feel about it.  We decided to sit at the counter and it was a good idea.  We had a very nice server and she gave us a little history of the place.

These paintings are from the original diner and were kept when it was renovated some years ago.

Everyone was extremely friendly.  I went with thoughts of breakfast but ended up with lunch.  I was surprised and happy to see a black bean burger on the menu so I zeroed in on that.

It was big and tasty and I enjoyed it.  I tried for a side salad to replace the fries, but I could only get a vegetable from the day’s selection.  I picked apple sauce and I thought that was a good alternative to the fries.  Their coffee was really good and it was overall a good experience!

It was an incredibly beautiful day.  The temperature was in the 80’s and the humidity low.  Skies were blue and as we drove home Ralph suggested that we take a ride to the Park. 

You’ve heard me talk about the Park before.  Red Bank Battlefield lies along the Delaware River and has always been a part of our lives because my sister, Ele and I grew up here.  It is a Revolutionary War battle site and I’ll let the experts tell you the history.  Please read it because it’s a wonderful history.  In October there is a reenactment of the battle.  I’ll hopefully be going this year and I’ll share it with everyone.

A cannon from the fort.

The statue of Colonel Christopher Greene, one of the heroes of the battle.

The plaque explaining the history of the battle.

Two wind-blown tourists!  We walked around the Park for about a half hour and had a great time.

The beautiful, blue sky and the old trees of the Park!

It was a great day and later I had the chance to enjoy it again when Ele called to ask if I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day and take a walk.  Well, I already did, but I’ll do it again!!  It was very pleasant and I can certainly benefit from the extra exercise.  But don’t you know it, when I got changed I took off my pedometer to find out the battery was dead and I got NO credit for any walking on Monday! 😦  Ah, well…it’s always something…

Tuesday looks pretty sunny so far.  I’m headed over to our storage unit to do some work there.  Still have things to sort out and I hope to get some of it to Goodwill.  I’m trying to get it cleaned out before we leave on our trip.  I don’t want to have to pay for it another month.  Trying to be thrifty!!  We’ll see how it goes!

Happy Tuesday!!

9 responses to “Big City, Small Town

  1. Fran,

    Did you say “hi” to my ancestors, the Whitall’s?


  2. Fran,

    Yup. The Whitalls are my ancestors.

    I have a friend, Jo Ann Wright, who is a volunteer there.

    One of these days, we’ll have to gather Carrie, Patrick, Ele, Ralph, Patti, you and I to make a visit. (that is before you head west). I am thinking next month.

    I’ll have to get in touch with Jo Ann, as she promised a tour.

    Thank you,


  3. Fran,

    When to you leave the area in September? Maybe we can work from that.

    Have a safe trip if we don’t see you before you leave.


  4. glad you took advantage of the nice day. you OBVIOUSLY still get credit for all your footsteps. :p two walks in one day is stupendous, wind-blown and all…

  5. One of these days I’ll make it to the East Coast for a visit. There is so much history to see and experience.

    Trying to be thrifty huh? You & me both.

    • I’ve grown up with this wonderful historical site within walking distance! I don’t think about it, but I’ve always taken advantage of the beautiful spot, especially in the summer and fall. Come East…we’ll have an earthquake for you!!

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