Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Goin’ On!!

But first to introduce the day….It’s What I Ate Wednesday!! 

Peas and Crayons

I didn’t forget this time and in spite of yesterday’s weirdness.  I’m prepared!

I was out early Tuesday morning.  Off to the storage unit and so proud of myself for getting there early.  I had to wait until 9am because I’m still having the issue with the door and the manager has to get me in and out.  He’s been very cooperative about it and I appreciate that.

I weeded through a lot of stuff, made some trash, made some Goodwill bags and loaded the car to bring stuff home.  I was very proud of myself and I’ll be there again over the next few days to get it all out of there.  Thank goodness there’s not more there…I’d be in trouble trying to accomplish this feat of strength!!

When I got home I was very hungry and fortunately I had overnight oats (OOIAJ) ready and waiting!

Sadly, the few strawberries I had left were all funky so I only had blueberries, but they were just yummy!  I guess I never have to worry about Ralph stealing my OOIAJ.  He told me he looked over at it and it made him quesy…hmmmm…kind of how I feel about your steak sometimes, dear.

Anyway, we had some banking to do and our plan was bank, then lunch, then Verchio’s to pick up some produce.  The bank went well.  We decided on Subway.  We both like it there, we can both get what we want and it was on our route.

I got my usual favorite, the Veggie Delite!  Provolone cheese, spinach,  tomatoes, red onion, sweet peppers, green peppers, lots o’ black olives and the Southwest Chipotle sauce.  Very tasty.

As we’re sitting there eating, Ralph started to kick the table…or so I thought.  We’ve discussed it since then and this is how it went.  I say, “Honey, why are your kicking the…oh, you’re not kicking the table!!”  That because I suddenly realized that it wasn’t the table that was shaking…it was my chair.  After it started, it paused then went on, twice.  It was the strangest sensation.

Ralph and  I both remember an earthquake in this area, probably 30 some years ago.  I was in college up late studying and there was no one with me to ask, “Hey, what was that?”  That one I heard, too.  It sounded like a train.  This was much more of a feeling sensation, I think because it went on for so long.  Probably only about 20 seconds, but it “felt” like it went on for a long time.

As we left Subway, we tried to call my sister, Ele to see if she was ok and she had gone to the storage place to see if I was ok!  When she saw my car wasn’t at my house she thought something might have fallen on me at the storage unit!!  Of course I found this out later because all of the circuits were busy and all I knew was that she had gone to the storage unit!  What a crazy day!!

Everyone was ok and that’s what was important. I went over to her house and we watched the earthquake coverage on TV for a while.  We always worry about our cousins who live in California and the earthquakes there.  This time, they were contacting us on Facebook to make sure we were ok.  Quite a turn around.

I finally did get to dinner.  Ralph and I both opted for salads.  I make him the kind he likes with tuna and I set about to make what is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

A fresh pot of quinoa cooked up in veggie broth.

Romaine, Jersey tomato and green bell pepper.

My last cup of pinto beans… 😦

Quinoa and pinto beans added

The finished, yummy product!!  I’m not too sad about the end of the pinto beans because I remembered to soak some black beans last night and they are now happily crocking away in my crock pot!!

So that’s my story for What I Ate Wednesday with a little earthquake stuff thrown in for good measure.  All in All a very interesting day!

Today might be interesting, too.  We’ll See!!

Happy Wednesday!!

6 responses to “Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Goin’ On!!

  1. Ahhh lucky!! I wanted to feel the earthquake so bad!

    Your dinner looks super yum, happy Wednesday!

  2. Ha! My dad says he thinks he’s going to throw up every time I offer to make him oatmeal. He feels the same way about yogourt.

  3. I have a huge salad everyday for lunch as well. I’ve never added quinoa but yours looks so good I just might start doing it. Avocado is my favorite when I have some.

    • I always forget to buy avocado. I’d be the only one eating it because Ralph is not a fan. The quinoa thing is funny. I thought it was one of those “trendy” things that everyone was eating. When I started making it, I just love it. It is a good source of proteint, too and as a vegetarian, I’m always looking for ways to add that in.

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