Done And Done, Then Let’s Eat Quesadillas!

It took some work, but I finally have Everything out of the storage unit and it is no longer ours!  I’m excited.  I got the last of what was there out and at sister Ele’s house on Monday.  Now I just have to do the moving around over there.

I’ve got about 20 boxes still in her dining room which I need to move this week because she’ll be having company for the weekend and she doesn’t need my things in there.

The proof is in the photo…I present an empty storage unit!  I’m very excited about this!

Ralph was out for the afternoon on a mission so I went over to Gail’s house to try out one of the gadgets we got on the Great Thrift Store Tour in Florida.

A shiny red quesadilla maker.  They had tried it in Florida but after I left, so I was excited to see the results.

Very tasty!!  With black beans of course!

We even made nachos!  But since we cooked these directly from tortillas, I’m not counting them as chips, so my record still stands (No Chips For Me!)

To finish off lunch, Gail made wonderful little parfaits with fat-free vanilla yogurt, strawberries and grapes…So Tasty!

We went off to our chiropractor appointments after lunch and we are all standing taller now!

Ralph was home when I got here so we hung out for a while talking about our plans for the trip and soon it was time for some dinner.  I made Ralph his salad that he likes with tuna.  I made myself a fairly recognizable one.  I probably won’t be making anything to out of the ordinary.  Don’t want to be buying a lot of stuff, since we’ll be away for almost a month.

The last of the romaine and the wonderful baby spring mix we get from Sam’s Club. So glad Gail’s a member! 😉

Added black beans (of course!), some freshly made couscous (I was going for quick here) and more of the light ranch I’m trying to finish up, with Mrs Dash’s Fiesta Lime seasoning added.  Definitely one of my favorites!

The finished product.  Always good and always filling.  Only needed a Lemon-Lime Tootsie Pop to finish off my night a little later.

Wanted to share a cool photo I took in Ele’s front yard.  It’s a small branch that came down during the storm.

Acorns on an oak tree branch.  A sure sign of Fall!!  Can’t wait, myself!

So I’m off to do some lugging around of boxes at Ele’s house.  When I get back, I really need to think about packing…We are going away in 4 days!!!  Yikes!  I’m off!!

Happy Tuesday!!

8 responses to “Done And Done, Then Let’s Eat Quesadillas!

  1. I love my quesadilla maker! Great for a quick lunch/dinner!

  2. I haven’t had quesadillas in ages. I’m also ready for Fall! I’m tired of summer clothes.

  3. Wow, all that healthy eating must be paying off because I know the energy involved in moving. I am so looking forward to fall, it’s my absolute favorite time of year!

    • Thanks, Marie! I’m feeling pretty good. I wish it was the real move but not quite yet, just juggling things around. After we come back from our visit out there, I’m hoping Ralph will be inspired to get involved with going through things. Fall is the best!

  4. oh. my. gosh. congratulations on the storage unit!!!

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