Under The Ancient Cottonwood

Saturday morning was a unique and somewhat inexplicable experience for me.  As part of the Gila River Festival here in Silver City,  I attended a writing workshop called Writing From Place.  It was conducted by Mary Sojourner, author and NPR commentator.

The workshop was held in San Vincente Creek Park, under a beautiful, ancient cottonwood tree so big that it’s branches spread out to cover the space occupied by my house back in New Jersey.  We hiked into the spot, carrying our chairs and writing materials with us.  Because of that I have no photos of the park or the spot where our circle existed. 

Ralph and I hope to hike in there later in the week and I’ll get some photos then.  I have no photos of the circle because I felt it was a private thing and I didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. I’m not even sure at this point exactly what to say about it.  I need it all to settle in, first and then I’ll be able to write more clearly about it.  We were a group of 12 teenagers and adults and I know we all left feeling a special bond with each other and with the beautiful spot where we gathered.

I also feel a particular bond with Mary. She asked me to keep in touch, she wants to see more that I write.  That is a wonderful gift and I am so grateful for that.

I called Ralph as I was hiking back to the parking area so that he would be able to pick me up at the Visitor’s Center.  He was there when we got back and was talking to one of the park rangers.  The ranger told him that where we had been in the park is actually part of the park that we can see from our house.  If I had kept hiking that trail, I would have been home.  Hopefully, I’ll get to do that some day.

Our friends Ed and Del from Anthony, Texas had driven up to visit us for the day and they were waiting at home when we got back.  We were all hungry so we went to The Drifter again, because that’s one of Ed’s favorite places.  I really need to get myself under control.  This was my breakfast…

Huevos rancheros with green chile sauce, hash browns, refried beans and a tortilla on the side.  I ate all of the eggs and some of the beans.  I am happy to report that I did not eat all of it.  Actually, that was my only meal for the day, so maybe I’m doing better than I thought.

Oh, yeah…I ate this too..

A cherry struedel that I’m sure qualifies for Bigger Than My Head!  Ralph made me eat it…His Fault!

It was such a long, emotional day that we ended up going to bed early.  I wanted to leave you with one last photo.  This is Midget, Ed and Del’s little furry friend…

She’s so cute, she doesn’t actually look real!  So glad they got to come for a visit.  We’ve been wanting them to see our house.  We’ll be stopping to see them as we head home next week.

Not sure what the day holds for us…it’s always an Adventure here.

Happy Sunday!!

6 responses to “Under The Ancient Cottonwood

  1. How on earth do you only eat one meal the entire day? I guess I am more of a “I must eat more often but smaller meals” kind of person. You are amazing Fran! And the entire dish looks worth it. 🙂

  2. What a great story — I can picture the tree and your new “circle of friends” just by your descriptions — and of course, you now have my mouth watering for a “bigger than my head” sweet pastry — gotta raid my fridge for that last container of yogurt before Ralph’s influence crosses the miles into my kitchen — LOL!!!

  3. Don’t you hate when other people make us eat? You definitely fit in New Mexico with a breakfast like that!

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