The Road Beckons

Friday has been a busy crazy day filled with goodbyes and packing up to leave on Saturday.  You’ll be reading this on Saturday after we’ve left.  Love that feature!

We had lunch with our friend Leslie from the bank  who gave us the loan for our first land here.  She holds a special place in our hearts.  We had lunch at Wrangler’s again and again I had the green chile and cheese quesadillas.

Very tasty, although I had to send the first one back due to the fact that they added meat to it!  It was corrected quickly, which I appreciated.

We made our last trip to Java The Hut to say goodbye to all our friends there.  Even on our last day, we met some new people and as seems typical in Silver City, you meet the people, you meet the critters too.

Meet Naomi…my new best friend!

It’s so hard to leave here.  We’ll be leaving early Saturday morning to head to visit our friends in Anthony, Texas near El Paso.  There may be an adventure involved, we’ll see.

This is Thursday night’s sunset.

I can’t say more than that.  See you all from the road.

I miss it here already.

Have a great Saturday!  Can’t bring myself to say Happy…

6 responses to “The Road Beckons

  1. safe trip!

  2. What a beautiful sunset! I hope you have a safe trip my friend…

  3. I love your adventurous spirit. I love Texas too, have fun there!

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