Sunday Confessional

I have to confess what I did Saturday night.  Ralph was camping in Mullica Hill.  Early in the week, he had brought me home an apple fritter…the ones I’ve talked about before that qualify for bigger than my head.  I survived all week until Saturday night.  I had actually been pretty good so I didn’t feel too bad.  Sunday, however didn’t help as you will see.

The morning started with a happy visitor.  My sister Ele has company this weekend.   Who could that be?!?  My favorite co-star, Little Michael!!

He couldn’t be any cuter if he tried!  He loves to visit BCDC!!

Of course, we went to his favorite breakfast spot, Dunkin’ Donuts and Michael met this fellow…

This was a very cool promo thing.  It was like the blow up decorations you see on lawns.  Very cool!

Two portraits of Grummy and Aunt Fran by our favorite young photographer…

One, Ok, One really good.  He loves taking pictures and he really does have a knack for it.  Finally a decent photo of my new hair cut and the 9-year-old has to do it!! 😉

My only treat was pumpkin spice coffee (Oooo…I have my free coffee coming tomorrow!!) But I forgot to take a picture…I was having too much fun with Michael!

Happy Face with coffee stirrer…

Sad Face with coffee stirrer…

After visiting for a while, I headed back down to visit Ralph at Mullica Hill.  I stopped to get us both breakfast sandwiches again from the local convenience store.  I shouldn’t have but I was hungry.  Oh, well, I’ll get back on track again.

An adorable brother and sister whose picture Ralph drew.

I must confess that Ralph and I shared this HUGE pretzel.  It was over a foot long.  I probably ate about a quarter of it.  I don’t feel too bad, it could have been worse! 😉

One last treasure I wanted to share.  I love old Mason jars.  I especially like the ones that are squared off.  You don’t see them very often.  I was happy to find this one at our friend’s shop, The Old and New Shop.

I have quite a collection of them.  When we get to New Mexico, I’m going to be using them to store all of my beans and grains.  One more reason to look forward to getting to NM!!

So that’s Sunday for you. 

Monday I have to get my act together and get some things done around here.  I have to get back to the sorting and packing and to getting some exercise.  So much to do. 

Happy Monday!!



6 responses to “Sunday Confessional

  1. Hi Aunt Fran,

    Thank you for letting me be in your blog. I had fun at DD with you. I love you.


    PS…I don’t espceially like the photo of me eating!

    • Thank you, Michael!! I’m glad you enjoy being on the blog so much! I know I love it when you and Grummy come to visit!! Fair enough…I’ll try to not use anymore pictures of you eating! Can I still use ones of Me eating?!? 😉

  2. I absolutely love Mason jars too. My mom and Grandma did a lot of canning growing up so I have a sentimental attachment. Also it’s kind of useless not to partake in those freshly made pretzels. I cannot resist when I smell them at the mall. I think they have a fan blowing all the fresh bread scent to all the passer-bys.

    • Marie, thanks for having my back on the pretzel thing. They really are impossible to resist sometimes. I’m proud I only ate a little! 😉 I just love the old jars and can’t wait till I can have them out and displayed again. I think of it as practical when I buy them because I can use them!

  3. Aww that looks like a fun weekend! Your hair cut is super cute!

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