I Hate To Be Bulgur, But…WIAW!!!

It’s Wednesday and by now we should all know what that means…What I Ate Wednesday under the direction of the lovely Jenn at Peas & Crayons!!  Head on over there to join in all of the fun!

Peas and Crayons

Today’s post is brought to you by bulgur.  There’s a scary story from many years ago when I made my first attempt at making vegetarian chili.  It contained bulgur and it was not a happy outcome…we’ll leave it at that.

A few months ago I attempted to make bulgur again, not in a recipe, just to use along with a meal.  The recipe said to boil water and pour it over the bulgur.  Let it sit for 20 minutes and it would be ready.  Well at 20 minutes it was still quite watery.  I ended up putting it in the microwave and cooking it.  It worked but I just thought there was some other way to accomplish it. 

Last Friday, I decided to give it another try.  I took my 1 cup of bulgur, boiled the water and then added 1 3/4 cups of boiling water.  I stirred it covered it then put it in the microwave just to sit.  I thought the heat would stay in that way.  Then I forgot about it.  I pulled it out probably an hour later.  I opened the lid and it was fluffy and perfect!!  It had puffed up hugely and the pot was almost overflowing.

I used it first for a salad on Friday night.

1 cup of bulgur, 1 cup of my crock pot pinto beans, romaine lettuce, tomato and red bell pepper.

Added to it a mixture of lite balsamic vinaigrette and lite ranch.  I never let anything go to waste, when they start to run out, I mix them together!  Very tasty and filling.

Saturday dinner came around and I was on my own while Ralph was camping out with the boys.  I dug out my bulgur again.

I mixed a can of diced tomatoes, 1 cup of pinto beans again and 1 cup frozen green peas.  Cooked everything together in a pot.  I warmed up a cup of my bulgur in the microwave.  I poured the tomato/bean/pea mixture over it, sprinkled with romano cheese and a bit of Sriracha sauce.

It was delicious and took almost no time to prepare.

Sunday night, Ralph was still not back so once again I was fending for myself.  One more meal from the amazing bulgur.  Time to get wild and crazy.

Garlic, tomato and red bell pepper sautéed together.

Added the last of the bulgur and then about a 1/2 cup of FF cottage cheese.

Again, a little Sriracha sauce and I was all set.  It was SO tasty.

I think that this was pretty amazing coming from 1 cup of bulgur.  The bulgur cost $1.25 a pound, so 1 cup cost about 63 cents.  I got 3 meals out of it.  That along with the pinto beans I had cooked in the crock pot.  The beans cost $1 and I can’t remember how many meals came from them. 

I think as an experiment, I’m going to try to actually calculate what my meals cost.  We hear so often that eating healthy is more expensive than eating average American fare.  I think I can prove that theory to be wrong.  I think I’m going to be the Thrifty Vegetarian from now on.  It should be fun to see how well I can do.

So, kids, that’s What I Ate Wednesday around these parts.  Be sure to go over to Peas & Crayons to join in the fun.  Check out some of the fun links…make some comments and some new friends…be cool like the rest of us! 

I was out scouring the countryside for pretty pictures to share with you all again.  I won’t bore you with too many.  Here’s today’s picture…

Happy What I Ate Wednesday…Try not to be…bulgur!! 😉

24 responses to “I Hate To Be Bulgur, But…WIAW!!!

  1. Soooo….the bulgur did it! But thanks to the bulgur we have a family legend. Now, your vegetable lasagna…oooooh! That is totally yummy!

  2. Glad you’ve made your peace with bulghur. 🙂 I’ve used it a few times in tabouleh and in a tex-mex style bake. It’s quite versatile and you can’t beat the price.

  3. valerie andruss

    The Thrifty Vegetarian – I see a cookbook in the offing…..

  4. I totally agree! I want to scream when people say that eating healthy is expensive. Whole grains & dried lentils are so cheap. I even grind my own wheat and make my own bread so I save there too. Now only if I could wean myself off of gourmet ice cream…….

    • Marie, you’re a good example of that. Your blog’s title makes it obvious and so many times you talk about feeding the family on less money. I have to get back to making bread. Haven’t done that for a while. Thanks for the push!!

  5. I think healthy eating can be expensive if you buy lots of the more “unusual” ingredients that you see on blogs. I used to spend lots at health food stores, but now I try and be a bit more frugal. My staples are dried beans and grains and most of my money goes on fresh fruit and vegetables.

    • I’m with you, Sarah. I try to stick with straight forward ingredients that I can use in many different configurations. Dried beans and grains are my friends, for sure. Thanks for stopping by and please come back often. Happy WIAW!

  6. Totally snickered at your post title, haha. I’m going to use that for realz and get lots of cheesy joke groans 😀 And oh man, your sriracha is what lured me in from the WIAW linkup, and YES, it does belong on everything. Bulgur + sriracha sounds like a good choice! I usually use bulgur for once-a-year homemade tabbouleh, but I should really branch out. With sriracha.

    • So glad you liked my title! No one else commented on it! I like things that I can add spices to and make it match up with the flavors I’m cooking with. I just tried sriracha for the fist time in September and I’m in love! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I don’t think I have ever tried bulgur. I like how versatile it seems!

  8. I may have to try some bulgur out! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  9. Love the cute title Fran!

    I have never made bulgur before…actually, I’m not even sure if I’ve eaten it before? But it looks simple and tasty!

  10. I’ve never tried cooking bulgar before. Sounds like a challenge! But I love mixing random ingredients together to make meals! Ricotta and siracha? Sounds delish! Might have to tried that on pasta next time!

  11. Healthy food isn’t expensive, it’s the time it takes to prepare it. Most people today won’t take the time to soak dried beans, then cook them in the morning. I know, I know! I worked a full time job plus a part time job, took care of a garden the size of the Lincoln Financial Field, canned, froze and dried all the food I grew, made bread and everything else we ate from scratch, made clothes, knitted sweaters, quilted, you name it. As Mary used to say…if Mommy can’t make it, you don’t need it! I guess, you can always find time for what is necessary…I just happen to believe that feeding your family a healthy diet is necessary. Having said that….I won’t mention the bowl of ice cream I ate last night. BUT, I can and do make my own!

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